Dream Yoga – Dreaming with Intention

According to Tibetan Buddhism, one minute of knowing that you’re dreaming within a dream and choosing to meditate is worth one month in solo monastic retreat.” Ben Wolff

My official Dream Yoga practice began a few weeks ago after glancing at an email from teacher Ben Wolff that started with the above quote. I didn’t even particularly remember reading the email but something must have sunk in as that night I had a dream I was in an exam about teeth, and I was really bored. All of a sudden in my dream I had the thought, “I’m dreaming! and Ben said we can choose what we can do in our dreams……so I’ll meditate!”

I woke up after feeling peaceful and pretty excited I had changed the course of my dream. So I booked on to the Dream Yoga workshop which was last weekend. During the workshop I had the experience of flying, walking through walls, changing things into other things, becoming an Angel, being Abba singing “Waterloo” and just as I was drifting off into a high state of consciousness I heard Ben say and now we will mediate for a minute. Suddenly I was in the church I grew up going to, meditating at the top of the altar, even though I was lying down my spine became active and as I followed the breathing exercise of inhaling for 6 and exhaling for 6 I could feel energy flowing up and down my spine. It was amazing!

Needless to say I have a new practice……Dream Yoga! I can’t teach this, and if you are interested I recommend going to Ben’s next workshop in June but a few pointers I learnt from him are; The part just before you wake up is the most important part with the message. As soon as you wake the next thing to is journal:

What am I thinking?

What am I feeling?

What is the insight?

What is the action?

What is the observation?

The insight is what we are really wanting to get to from the dream, otherwise we may keep on having similar dreams until we learn the message our body is trying to tell us.

Going to sleep with a clear intention of what you want to learn from your dreams too is helpful and for them to be clear and easy to understand.

I have had many experiences just before I have ran workshops where I have actually ran through the workshop in my dream and insights have come up to help me with preparing for it. I have added things in that I have felt drawn to say after dreaming, which have always ended up being the most powerful bits! Dreams are powerful.

…..and finally Ben’s message is to LOVE IT ALL. What ever comes up, surround yourself in love and love it all.  Love every aspect of your self.

Happy Dreaming

Louise xx



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The big Why……and how it gives power to your intentions.


I’ve just got back from the depths of the Sussex countryside, leading an Adventure Yogi retreat on a farm over the New Year. It was a really special time of honouring the year we’ve just had and setting intentions for 2018, through silence, yoga, self reflection and vision board making.



My intentions for this year are:

  • I meditate daily
  • I do exercise that makes me sweat 4 times a week
  • I practice yoga 6 times a week
  • I eat foods that are kind to my tummy and maintain my energy levels
  • I go outdoors daily
  • Neil and I find a property to buy that we both love
  • I run successful Yin Teacher Trainings
  • My Kerala retreat is magical, I run inspiring yoga sessions, workshops and we go on beautiful adventures
  • I only do things that light me up and inspire me

My affirmations to support this are;

I am healthy and full of energy

I am loving awareness

I share from my heart

I choose joy

I make time for those I love

Now it’s all good to have intentions but I think for them to become reality there needs to be a clear, WHY you want to create them in your life?

My Why is that 2017 was super busy for me and some of the work I was doing wasn’t completely lighting me up but taking up time even so. This then had a snow ball effect with my energy levels, health and not being able to spend as much time as I want to with those I love. Whilst I practice yoga daily I had stopped moving so much in other ways like dance, running and I haven’t been to an exercise class for years! This year I feel like mixing it all up, still practicing my yoga but I want to move in different ways too and get my heart pounding so I have energy and health for all I want to do this year!

Another big why is my digestion has been messed up, since becoming veggie 6 years ago I have been finding new ways to eat and recently I keep getting so bloated and uncomfortable, which effects my energy and mood too. So 2018 is the time to get my tummy sorted so I feel light and full of energy again. Digestive problems also have an impact on being in your power, as our solar plexus is our centre for our personal power, so I want to make sure my energy is always flowing through here for all I want to be and do in this life.

I want to meditate daily because I want to remember who I really am daily, that is presence, peace, love and connected to the Divine. When I do this I trust the inner knowing that arises from within, I feel guided and at peace.

Human beings are driven by pleasure and pain; if the pain of not meeting your intentions is great enough and the pleasure of manifesting them is amazing enough then you’ll do anything to make them happen.

…..and then of course there is T R U S T, that it is all flowing perfectly and if we can just be as present as possible, learn along the way, be kind to ourselves and each other, then it’s all perfect anyway.

Lots of love

Louise xxx

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I love my body. I take care of it. I am grateful for it.

Since I last wrote I got ill, flu, it really knocked me sideways. I managed to have 3 days off but it wasn’t wanting to move that quickly to fit in with my schedule. So I carried on. I ran a day workshop, I worked at the Yoga Show in London, I ran a retreat and then I had a meltdown.

Well it wasn’t that dramatic but last week I was so tired after having 3 very busy weeks and weekends that I don’t know what to do with myself. I felt so depleted that I didn’t know what I need to do to get my energy back. My digestion was so messed up that someone even asked me if I was pregnant I was that bloated!!!

So I went to the beach, the waves and sunshine lulled me to sleep. I came back and did some Yoga Nida. I felt a little better.

So I did this again the next day….and the next.

I then started to be able to think a little more clearly. I decided to try acupuncture for my tummy, I have never had it before. Needles were stuck in my quads (ouch!) and ears. I lay there trying to stay calm and breath whilst my thighs spasmed.

Afterwards I felt so tired, so relaxed, I came home did some more Yoga Nidra, had a salt bath and went to a Yin class.

The next day I treated myself to a Yoga Nidra and sounding workshop……ahhhh it was bliss. A combination of Yoga Nidra with an angelic soundbath and then singing from the heart. I felt healed.

By Sunday my energy was back and I was ice skating for the first time in 30 years outdoors by the Pavillion, amazing!

What I was reminded of through this;

  • Be more careful with my time. I worked too many weekends in a row. Whilst I love my work my health, my relationship and my family are just as important.
  • When I get ill, just stop until I am fully better, it’s ok to cancel sometimes.
  • It’s so important to give to myself when I give so much to others. To really help others I have to look after myself.
  • Devotional singing opens my heart and heals me. I want to do more of it.
  • Acupuncture it amazing, my tummy is already so much better. I am going to go to this low cost clinic each week to maintain optimum energy levels & healing through my body.
  • To just slow down and create space.
  • Getting outdoors and just sitting in nature is so healing. Sunsets in Autumn are breath taking.

What I learnt on a deeper level that this pattern of mine to want to keep going with the things I really want to do even when I am ill is from childhood. It’s the little girl part of me that was sick a lot (with serious asthma) and was frustrated with my body for letting me down and stopping me from doing what I wanted to do. I hate it when things stop me and I have realised that I haven’t been as kind as I thought I was being to my body, I have been ignoring it. So my intention now is to love my body, be grateful for it and to listen to it’s needs.

Next week I am doing my Advanced Yin TT Course with my teacher Norman Blair, I can’t wait! 8 whole days of lovely Yin to myself.  I will write again after and let you know how it went.

Love you

Louise x

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In Rod Stryker’s book “The Four Desires” he shares that in the Sacred texts the Veda’s they explain that there are 2 aspects to our soul; the highest part that is connected to everything, to God, infinite and the personal part that has a desire to express it’s unique purpose in this life.

From all my meditation and listening to Satsangs with Mooji recently I am feeling a peace within more than ever. A spaciousness free from urgency or worry, just a sense of trust and flow. As we transition into Autumn though I am feeling drawn to getting focused on my purpose, which involves my goals over the next 12 months. So this explanation from the Veda’s about the 2 parts of our soul is really resonating with me right now.

In November I am taking my Yin advanced training with Norman Blair, which I need to do study for beforehand, I am leading my first Yin teacher training myself in March and then next November I will be running my 10 day India retreat which I want to make really valuable for everyone who comes. All very exciting stuff! So now some focus is required, some streamlining of what I am spending my energy and time on.

What I have learnt though over the summer is meditation first is key, to steady the mind, to be from a place of peace and trust and to be able to calmly focus on one thing at a time.

You see what happens to me is I get over excited, I want to do everything in one go and then I start to jump around from one thing to the next. It’s even worse if I have had a cup of tea!!! To help with my focus I have cut caffeine out now.

What I will be spending my time doing around this Autumn Equinox (a perfect time for intention setting) is writing a clear specific goal around running the Yin training next year. I will write it in the future, from the viewpoint of after I have run it, how it went and how I feel.  I will then break it down into monthly chunks of all I need to do from now until March. For example Norman’s course, I will make a list of all the books I need to read and the essay I need to write and create a plan of when I am going to fit this into my weeks running up to it.  Breaking it down into manageable chunks like this and actually writing them into my diary really helps me to focus.

When there is stuff to get done, changes to make, things to create, I really find this helps. What I find most important though it so have an intention around it all. That is an intention of how I am being around this, in everything I do. For me right now “I am peaceful and focused” resonates with me.

I love the affirmation on the Soul Coaching Card (by Denise Linn) above for Focus “All of my thoughts are directed towards my highest good”. Just perfect.

One thing I am also going to factor in to my planning is that Winter is a time for hibernation, drawing in and processing. So I will take care of my diary to make sure I have lots of time indoors for reading all the books that inspire me, which I need to do for what is ahead anyway. Plus of course my Yin practice, which is perfect for winter.

I invite you to use the energies of the change in season to take time to evaluate your year so far;

  • What is there to be grateful for?
  • What can you acknowledge with in yourself?
  • What does your soul wish for you right now and in the months to come?
  • What intention would serve you to support you with this?



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Connecting & Allowing

Last time I wrote my intention was connecting to “I Am”, to that state of being-ness which is our true Self. The essence of who we are, the unchanging energy that is always present, always there, never faltering with the fluctuations of the monkey mind.

I haven’t written since as I have really just been drawn to staying with this presence. My meditation practice and desire to connect is growing stronger and stronger and I am finding awareness of this state more as I go about my day to day life.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we went to a yoga festival, Into the Wild, well I say yoga it was that and more; dance, workshops, live music, meditation, sound baths, creativity, kirtan and hanging out with friends. These festivals are wonderful they are a break from every day life, a chance to walk barefoot, turn phone off, be outdoors, and just flow from one lovely thing to another.

Sounds idyllic? Well it is but also I am noticing more that in these environments stuff is bought up to be released. There is a lot of healing work going on. Some workshops and general situations you come across there are challenging. I learnt this time my tendency to get so over excited about things, to place so much pressure on events being “fun”, “the best time” when actually sometimes they are really hard, then I feel disappointed that they aren’t so much fun after all. Expectations created by the mind are not met. I found myself noticing old patterns that don’t serve me anymore and it upset me, but actually I had the awareness and could deal with it there and then. I left feeling at peace, renewed and even more so wanting to explore this state I find in my meditation.

I am learning that you can’t be completely still in meditation, connected to this “being-ness” all the time but it is always there, it is who I am and to trust that life will flow even with out my mind organising, planning and fretting about things. Decisions will get made, situations will resolve, in the right time for them. I don’t have to try so hard to make everything happen, I can allow and trust.

So since return from the field of fairy houses, drumming, fire, beautiful music and sunshine I have been focusing on allowing.  Every thing is still getting done, and actually there’s been some lovely unexpected surprises.

So this is my intention for now; Connecting and Allowing.

Namaste xx

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Connecting to I AM

More and more my desire is to connect with “I am”, that is the feeling of presence, the feeling of just being, awareness of being part of this huge expansive unlimited energy that is all of us, all around us, in us and is Divine. It is Love.

I’ve experienced recently a craving, a yearning to connect with it more,  to feel it more and I’ve been feeling like I have to go somewhere to get that or find it in a book. When it’s in me all along and all I have to do is just sit. Just be. Nothing to do but draw within and connect.

It’s amazing how the mind distracts, comes up with all reasons to fidget, to make tea, to sort out the washing, to check emails….

I know yoga helps me to connect with it, it is the first practice that has lead me to this place. I know going to Church, kirtan, sound baths, group meditations have all guided me there too. Sometimes it feels overwhelming with all that is on offer to help take me there, so many ways, so many tools…..but really it is quite simple. I just need to sit and be.

I believe this connection to I AM, is connection to our Source. To God. I don’t believe there is only one religion that is right, I find the “we’re the only way” creates more barriers to connect to Love.

When I am just being I feel Love, I feel an innate joy, I feel inspired, I feel peace, I feel I know all there is to know. It really feels quite simple…….and then the mind kicks in and distracts 🙂

The more I practice connecting the easier it gets to slip into presence. Just starting for a few minutes a time is enough but then noticing the tendency to think “oh I have got it now, I have connected, now I will make a cup of tea!”Allowing myself to bask in it for as long as I can….why rush out?

This is my intention this week; I AM.

Namaste xx


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Space & Time

Wow it’s been a long time since I last wrote! After our wonderful wedding and honeymoon last year life suddenly got very busy, workwise and energetically I’ve had some big adjustments to process. The transition from living on my own to being a wife and a stepmother has been huge! Added in both of our work lives became very full and I have been trying to get my head above water ever since. I am really in awe of all you full time mothers out there!

Hence my intention currently of “Space”. My daily mantra is “I have all the space I need, there is enough time”. I even have it set as a daily reminder in my phone.

In my efforts to get everything done for my business, give Neil my attention, make time to fully be with the girls when they come round and keep in touch with my friends & family I have sometimes found myself depleted. I really feel blessed to have all I have in my life now, (all I have manifested through intention) but sometimes I’ve felt pulled apart in all directions. Self care has been crucial and my daily yoga practice. It’s been easy some days to tell myself there isn’t enough time for this and to just dive into work, but on those days I’ve really noticed a difference of not just allowing myself to just stop and connect with myself.

If you are relating to any of this at all and would like to join me in creating some space here are a few things that I am finding work for me:

  1. Morning ritual is crucial (or evening if you feel that works better for you). Whether it’s sitting with a cup of hot lemon and ginger and journaling, doing a physical yoga practice (10 mins – 1 hour what is possible) or sitting doing some breathing exercises and meditation. Something that just helps me to connect before starting the day. It’s from this time my inspiration and gratitude for the day bubbles up.
  2. Walking slowly. When I catch myself speed walking around to get from A to B and stop and slow. I take in all that is around me and breathe deeply. I might sync my steps to breathe in as I walk for 4 and out for 4.
  3. Make time to go and sit outside even for 20 minutes, and just be. Not reading, making a call, doing some work but just sitting quietly outside.
  4. If I have been sitting at my computer for a while making the effort to move around, and stretch.
  5. Catching myself when I am rushing, noticing when I am tensing and consciously relaxing that area.
  6. When we have the girls for the weekend, I have discovered it’s important to take myself away for an hour or two if possible. Whether it’s to do a yoga class or meet a friend. I need me time while they are there so then when I go back I can really enjoy being fully present with them.
  7. Avoiding saying yes to everything and making sure I have planned space in my diary so I don’t over commit. I am a planner so I actually plan now to have free weekends!
  8. Being present. Being in a relationship is such a mirror, it reflects back at you all the things you love and dislike about yourself! As much as I practice being in the moment, I catch myself when I am with Neil still thinking about work or what I am going to do next. Right now my practice with him is being with him 100% when we are together. It’s so easy to slip out of this when you live with someone and have been together for a while.
  9. When you really really want to do something there is always time and energy. So looking at what is draining you an as much as possible cutting that out or at least minimising it for now until you can, then treating yourself to something that does lift you after you have done it.

Since creating space my desire for writing this is bubbling up again and I still so want to write a book, the intention is still there I’ve just been taken on a few side trips. Life flows that way sometimes. So you can expect to hear from me a bit more now sharing on living life with intention!


Louise x



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Planning a Wedding

unnamedYS0VCBZ7I’ve just finished listening to a wonderful interview with Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist’s Way, about creativity and writing. It immediately made me think of this blog and how I haven’t written it for ages! 2016 has been a whirlwind so far with a busy work life and planning a wedding!

Typical to me, once I have an idea or project I don’t hang around. We got engaged in December and are getting married in nearly 3 weeks, 11th June. I don’t think we realised at the time of setting the date how much is actually involved in planning a wedding, there is so much to think about, including moving in together!

Plus when I turned 40 last year I had the intention of going on a special holiday in my 40th year to celebrate, any excuse to travel, but little did I know it would be my honeymoon! We’re off to explore Bali and Lombok straight after the wedding.

At the beginning of all the planning I set the intention of having fun, to be relaxed and in the moment when planning the wedding. I didn’t want it to get stressful like you hear other people talking about. I want to enjoy the process of planning it rather than showing up on the day frazzled and just glad it’s all over.

This intention has been tested, of course, planning a wedding can get extremely overwhelming and it can lead to be the only thing you are ever talking about.

What has really helped, aside from my amazing parents and fiancé, is yoga. Especially Yin yoga, which is slow, mindful and encourages you to get into a state of just being and allowing, rather then doing. In fact I would say I have really connected even more so with my yoga practice this year and dived deeper into it.

I still have to pinch myself to check this is all real, I can’t actually believe I am getting married in a few weeks. It’s an unbelievable feeling to know I am going to be with Neil forever and I am 100% sure it is what I want. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about anything (I’m waking at 5am every day now!), it’s so wonderful to be part of a team. I have always been such an independent solo person, but now it really is so lovely to share everything with someone else, who I love with all of my heart.

When I catch myself wondering about bunting, what lighting we should order and whether the marquee with blow away in the wind or if there will be a monsoon on the day I remind myself……none of that really matters. What does is us sharing such a special day with our family and friends……and having fun!

The next time I write this I’ll be married! 🙂



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The Power of Intention!

IMG_474721st December 2014 – my intention written in my intention book

I am love, I am surrounded by love. I am in a healthy loving committed relationship. I am with a man who loves me just for being me. I share myself fully with him. He makes me feel loved just as I make him feel loved. We share everything with each other.


22nd December 2015

I am ENGAGED to this man 🙂

How amazing that my intention has come completely true within 1 year.

I hadn’t met Neil when I wrote that on 21st December 2014, but did just a few hours later. On the Winter and Summer solstice I like to take time to write my intentions, what I’d like to create in my life, in my special book. It’s really interesting to look back over it and see what has manifested in my life. Writing them down is a way for me to let them go. I know the risk of getting too attached to creating something in your life, getting desperate to make it happen can only push what you really want away. So I write it down, let it go and just focus on “being” what i’d like to manifest. In this case, being love.

I’m sharing this with you to demonstrate the power of intention! We’re coming up to a New Year, what would you like to create? Write it down (in the positive, rather than what you don’t want) and then ask yourself:

How will I be being when I have that in my life?

Then set that way of being as your intention. Every day focus on being that way. For example: being happy, being courageous, being creative, being present, being love.

One of my favourite quotes is by George Bernard Shaw – “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. Go create!

If you’d like some help and inspiration to kick off the New Year, I am running a 2 day workshop in Brighton called The Power to Create. The 2 days will include; yoga, meditation, visioning, journaling, life coaching and sound healing. To find out more see my Create Yourself site.


Louise xx


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candle-flame-freeIn light of everything going on in the World right now Peace is the intention I feel that is needed the most.

Watching the news, which is something I usually avoid doing too much, can easily start to instil fear into our minds. Fear and hatred.

Fear and hatred are not going to help though.

It’s surprised me how when something so tragic there has been so much judgement of others reactions to it all via social media. When really the most powerful response I can see is to share peace and love.

I find it tragic that this small group, IS, can taint the power of prayer and God’s name so much.

Just the week before Friday nights attack in Paris I had been celebrating Diwali with my yoga classes, lighting candles to symbolise light overcoming darkness. I had been to a powerful church service that had left me feeling at peace and inspired. I’d visited Amma in London, with 1000s of others, and had been overwhelmed by God’s loving presence through her.

All this I experienced was nothing to do with the energy that is running through and guiding IS to behave in the way they do. God is not involved with these people, only darkness is.

Of course we all know this darkness is causing death and destruction all over the world, not just in Paris. How do we respond?

With Peace. Hatred is not going to help, this is why they are doing it. This doesn’t mean doing nothing, we can be in action to help those in need.

I am not an expert, I have no idea how the Government should be handling this, all I can do is control my reaction to it and how I am in the world. I choose to continue to pray to a loving God for peace for all beings in this world. I choose to light a candle for all those suffering when I practice yoga. I choose to be peaceful in my actions and interactions with others. I choose to be kind and help others when I can.

Like Ghandi said “be the change you wish to see in the world”.




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