Planning a Wedding

unnamedYS0VCBZ7I’ve just finished listening to a wonderful interview with Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist’s Way, about creativity and writing. It immediately made me think of this blog and how I haven’t written it for ages! 2016 has been a whirlwind so far with a busy work life and planning a wedding!

Typical to me, once I have an idea or project I don’t hang around. We got engaged in December and are getting married in nearly 3 weeks, 11th June. I don’t think we realised at the time of setting the date how much is actually involved in planning a wedding, there is so much to think about, including moving in together!

Plus when I turned 40 last year I had the intention of going on a special holiday in my 40th year to celebrate, any excuse to travel, but little did I know it would be my honeymoon! We’re off to explore Bali and Lombok straight after the wedding.

At the beginning of all the planning I set the intention of having fun, to be relaxed and in the moment when planning the wedding. I didn’t want it to get stressful like you hear other people talking about. I want to enjoy the process of planning it rather than showing up on the day frazzled and just glad it’s all over.

This intention has been tested, of course, planning a wedding can get extremely overwhelming and it can lead to be the only thing you are ever talking about.

What has really helped, aside from my amazing parents and fiancé, is yoga. Especially Yin yoga, which is slow, mindful and encourages you to get into a state of just being and allowing, rather then doing. In fact I would say I have really connected even more so with my yoga practice this year and dived deeper into it.

I still have to pinch myself to check this is all real, I can’t actually believe I am getting married in a few weeks. It’s an unbelievable feeling to know I am going to be with Neil forever and I am 100% sure it is what I want. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about anything (I’m waking at 5am every day now!), it’s so wonderful to be part of a team. I have always been such an independent solo person, but now it really is so lovely to share everything with someone else, who I love with all of my heart.

When I catch myself wondering about bunting, what lighting we should order and whether the marquee with blow away in the wind or if there will be a monsoon on the day I remind myself……none of that really matters. What does is us sharing such a special day with our family and friends……and having fun!

The next time I write this I’ll be married! 🙂



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IMG_474721st December 2014 – my intention written in my intention book

I am love, I am surrounded by love. I am in a healthy loving committed relationship. I am with a man who loves me just for being me. I share myself fully with him. He makes me feel loved just as I make him feel loved. We share everything with each other.


22nd December 2015

I am ENGAGED to this man 🙂

How amazing that my intention has come completely true within 1 year.

I hadn’t met Neil when I wrote that on 21st December 2014, but did just a few hours later. On the Winter and Summer solstice I like to take time to write my intentions, what I’d like to create in my life, in my special book. It’s really interesting to look back over it and see what has manifested in my life. Writing them down is a way for me to let them go. I know the risk of getting too attached to creating something in your life, getting desperate to make it happen can only push what you really want away. So I write it down, let it go and just focus on “being” what i’d like to manifest. In this case, being love.

I’m sharing this with you to demonstrate the power of intention! We’re coming up to a New Year, what would you like to create? Write it down (in the positive, rather than what you don’t want) and then ask yourself:

How will I be being when I have that in my life?

Then set that way of being as your intention. Every day focus on being that way. For example: being happy, being courageous, being creative, being present, being love.

One of my favourite quotes is by George Bernard Shaw – “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. Go create!

If you’d like some help and inspiration to kick off the New Year, I am running a 2 day workshop in Brighton called The Power to Create. The 2 days will include; yoga, meditation, visioning, journaling, life coaching and sound healing. To find out more see my Create Yourself site.


Louise xx


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candle-flame-freeIn light of everything going on in the World right now Peace is the intention I feel that is needed the most.

Watching the news, which is something I usually avoid doing too much, can easily start to instil fear into our minds. Fear and hatred.

Fear and hatred are not going to help though.

It’s surprised me how when something so tragic there has been so much judgement of others reactions to it all via social media. When really the most powerful response I can see is to share peace and love.

I find it tragic that this small group, IS, can taint the power of prayer and God’s name so much.

Just the week before Friday nights attack in Paris I had been celebrating Diwali with my yoga classes, lighting candles to symbolise light overcoming darkness. I had been to a powerful church service that had left me feeling at peace and inspired. I’d visited Amma in London, with 1000s of others, and had been overwhelmed by God’s loving presence through her.

All this I experienced was nothing to do with the energy that is running through and guiding IS to behave in the way they do. God is not involved with these people, only darkness is.

Of course we all know this darkness is causing death and destruction all over the world, not just in Paris. How do we respond?

With Peace. Hatred is not going to help, this is why they are doing it. This doesn’t mean doing nothing, we can be in action to help those in need.

I am not an expert, I have no idea how the Government should be handling this, all I can do is control my reaction to it and how I am in the world. I choose to continue to pray to a loving God for peace for all beings in this world. I choose to light a candle for all those suffering when I practice yoga. I choose to be peaceful in my actions and interactions with others. I choose to be kind and help others when I can.

Like Ghandi said “be the change you wish to see in the world”.




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What a summer!12011150_10153003641926854_2281817563520117346_n

7 festivals; Yoga/ Buddhist and Christian, and Camp Bestival

Teaching yoga at 2 of them; Camp Bestival and Into the Wild

2 full workshops in Brighton

I ran my first retreat abroad in Turkey

Plus I turned 40!

As we reach the Autumn Equinox, a time of balance between light and dark, I am feeling the pull myself of needing to rebalance.

I have pushed my comfort zone this summer, I’ve done things that scare me a little, which I know is always great for me to develop further. Courage requires energy though. Stepping up, ignoring the fearful feelings and going for it anyway.

Right now on this Autumnal Equinox I am feeling the need for the intention of balance. Time to stop. Time to reflect on all I have achieved. Time to acknowledge myself and give myself a rest.

I know if I do this my energy will return in no time, as opposed to ignoring the pull to stop and charging ahead anyway. Which usually results in my getting ill and being forced to stop!


Where are you out of balance in your life?

Are there any areas that feel darker than light?

What do you need to do to bring your body, mind and Spirit back to balance?

Love yourself enough to listen and do what you need.





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Turning 40!

40 is fast approaching, just a week left of being in my 30s and I have to say I am excited. Turning 40 to me symbolises being in my power as a woman, acknowledging all I have learnt and achieved so far.

Reflecting on this I was going to write a letter to my younger self giving myself advice but actually thinking about it I wouldn’t have done anything different. I know I was a bit wild in my 20s and often feel like I wasted a lot of time in clubs/recovering from clubs but I believe that was all part of my journey.

My past; my heart breaks, my illness, my self destructing behaviour and beliefs all lead me to the path of personal development and spirituality. It all happened in it’s own perfect timing.

Maybe one thing I would share with my younger self is that thoughts create our reality. I never felt good enough and this led me to accepting treatment from others that wasn’t supportive for me. I felt I’d need to be drink to be the most fun version of myself. For years I lived into the belief I was a sickly child. For most of my life I didn’t sing believing I couldn’t!

Learning about intention, creating my vision, trusting it will flow when the time is right and until then being the best I can in each moment has been transformational.

Oh and perhaps one more thing……to trust my intuition. There have been so many times over the years when I have had a feeling about a person or situation and ignored it not wanting to believe it. Then later on wishing I’d just listened to my inner guidance system! Again though, it was all just part of my path.

I’ve loved my thirties and they say life just gets better as you get older. Well right now in this moment it certainly feels it’s the best it’s ever been!

My intention for my 40s? BE LOVE, BE PRESENT & BE COURAGE!



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Just Be

create5Life is spent so much doing. Working, learning, moving, talking, cooking, cleaning….

How often do we really spend just being. That is just doing nothing.

This is one of the things I love about yoga, especially a yin practice, where you get into a pose and just be in it. No movement apart from your natural breath. Sometimes in a day I will just sit on the floor and just close my eyes to just be. Then more often I get busy and forget to!

Another aspect of being is just being yourself. Dropping the striving to be somebody, to prove your value in this world, to be a better person, to be enough.

We’ve all been created perfectly just as we are. Just as we are has special qualities and talents that we have to share in this world, our purpose in life.

It’s so easy to forget this though. I know I have a tendency to keep learning new things, I love learning and developing myself. Whilst it’s amazing to learn, somewhere under this though could perhaps be a seeds of not feeling enough with what I’ve got already. Just being aware of this can serve as a signal to centre myself and remind myself of all the wisdom I have within already.

As I have got older and been on this evolutionary path of yoga and self awareness for 10 years I can notice that I am more myself now than I have ever been. What has highlighted this to me recently is being in a new relationship where I am completely being myself.

I can see how that my past relationships have all been preparing me for this one. There were elements in all the past experiences where I didn’t feel quite enough for who I was with. I needed to exaggerate or diminish part of my personality.

I cut down to a minimum drinking, in general but especially on dates, a few years ago, when I was younger I found I used alcohol to give me confidence and to open up more. I don’t hide behind drink now and I love getting to know someone completely consciously. I hardly wear any make up now, another thing I know I used to hide behind.  I’m now sharing the things I would have been scared to tell a partner for fear they would go off me. To put it simply I am just being me, and if he doesn’t like it he can go but what is amazing is that I have never felt such love from a man as I do from him. And because I am just being myself I know he really does love me for me.

For me right now my intention is to JUST BE around my work and through out each day. As I have written about before I have a tendency to get into busy/ striving mode. So just being is a reminder to stop each day and do nothing.

I know when I do this I create space for my body to relax, creativity to flow and the ability to listen to my higher self/ God.

So for now, just be.


Louise x


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Create Space. Breathe.

Create SpaceI’ve been experiencing tension recently, in the body and mind. Of course over the years I’ve learnt that it’s my thoughts that create the tension in my body.

It’s the times when I am feeling in a rush to get something done, to get somewhere, to achieve that my middle back and tummy tenses.

It’s worries about the future when  I feel it in my shoulders, neck and lower back.

I am sure these must be common tensions of people working for themselves. Being self employed is a constant practice in patience, determination, faith and being in the moment.

I love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else now. I wouldn’t swap it for the world but every now and then I need a reminder to stop to create space. To breathe into any tensions.

Thankfully being a yoga teacher I am continually being reminded to pay attention to my breath, which helps to expand and create space. Mindful, expansive movement frees up space in the body.

My flat is feeling cluttered, I am sure it’s all that time I spend in more over the winter. It’s time to have a sort out and throw out!

My mind has been a bit overwhelmed with fearful thoughts. It’s time to meditate, breathe into the tensions and release the thoughts that do not serve me.

The breath is amazing. I know this isn’t any ground breaking news but just stopping, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath is just so calming. It lets the brain and body know everything is ok in this moment. If I wasn’t you wouldn’t be able to be sitting there breathing deeply and slowly, would it?!

Creating space helps me to think more clearly. To not be attached to things being a certain way. To trust the flow of life. To free up my body. To be open to the unknown. To relax.

Create space. Breathe.


Louise x

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Easter time makes me think about forgiveness, after all that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

Over the years I have experienced the freedom of forgiving others. That it’s never really about them, it’s not condoning what they have done, it’s more about freeing myself up from the angst of being angry at someone else.

It’s having the compassion to know that sometimes people are not in a healthy state of mind and they do things to hurt others, like we all do sometimes. That doesn’t make it ok but it’s acknowledging our human imperfections.

It’s saying I am not going to close my heart just because what you have done.

I’m not going to put barriers up and let my future be affected just because of you.

I am willing to forgive so that I can move on from this.

One aspect of forgiveness that has been bought to my attention recently though is forgiving myself. Some how I have found it easier to forgive others but when I have done something that’s ended up causing myself pain I’ve beat up on my self. My self talk was like “I should have known better!”, “why did I not see that coming?!” , “how could I let that person into my life?” and so on.

We all know how damaging our self talk can be don’t we?

So I am suggesting an Easter intention of forgiveness. A helpful exercise to do is to write down all the things you are cross with yourself about and run through them, saying “I forgive you” for each one. Doing it in the mirror will be even more powerful!

Perhaps there is someone in your life that you are still holding some kind of grudge towards. For your peace of mind, your future and your blessed heart, practice forgiveness this Easter and see what happens.



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Spring has Sprung!

photo (13)The energy of the solar eclipse last week and the Spring equinox has given me the boost I have been waiting for to recreate this site and begin working on my Intention book again.

Spending time in UK over the past 2 years and not escaping for sunnier climes in the winter has really given me insight into the natural cycles of myself and nature. I don’t think I have ever been so aware of it before.

I’ve enjoyed noticing how I get that “new” “creative” energy in Autumn and Spring, to allow myself to slow down and hibernate a bit in winter and then fully embrace the fun in the high energy of summer.

So much has evolved since I first started writing this blog back in 2011. My yoga teaching has grown into a full time pursuit, along with my coaching which has progressed to incorporate intention and spirituality. I’ve developed a deep faith in God. I am in a relationship that I know I have manifested through clear intention and experiencing this now is true confirmation on how powerful this work is.

I have learnt that no matter how much we want to create something in our lives to a certain deadline, sometimes we get into action and make it happen, then other times no matter how much action we take we have lessons to learn first, before we are ready to experience it. It’s all part of the flow of life, we can’t force it but we can be present to it, open and learn along the way.

It’s important not to get fixated on the end result, missing the delicious and sometimes tough bits in between. Whilst vision is important to manifest our dreams so is learning. If we don’t learn the lessons we simply attract more or the same until we do.

So as we move into Spring I invite you to set a new intention for this next cycle? What do you want to achieve? How will you be being through out your days? What’s your focus?

Choose now to create what you want for your life.





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Peace & Love

peace and loveI’ve been going down to the beach early, around 6am, to meditate whilst the mornings have been so beautifully sunny and warm. It’s been lovely and by the time I am finished I’ve been feeling so inspired, in a state of gratitude and love.

This morning I stopped to consider how really lucky I was to be sat there in the sun, staring out to sea, after having a time of meditation and prayer. There are people in the world who are being killed because of their faith, there are innocent people dying in war zones and there I was just sat there feeling blissful. Could you imagine being killed for what you believed in?

Those poor school girls in Africa being kidnapped and forced to become Muslims.

Haven’t we got the right to believe what we want?

I’ve been praying for the people in Gaza, Ukraine and Africa. I can’t say I fully understand in detail exactly what is going on there but I do know innocent people are being killed, and that people must just be in a constant state of fear.

We are energy, everything on this planet is energy, the universe is energy and our thoughts are energy. So if we all take a moment out of our days to send loving, peaceful thoughts towards people that need it it’s bound to make a difference right? We all know the power of intention.

Let’s create a group intention of peace and love for all and spend a few moments each day focusing on it.


photo (51)


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