A strange feeling of guilt

I have been busy collection people’s love stories, there are so many great ones out there! It’s been so inspiring and touching hearing tales of how people got together, I really am such a sucker for a good romance. It’s also been lovely to learn of successful love stories rather disappointing break ups which seem to be more talked about as people work through them.

I have to admit though I have really been procrastinating on making them into short stories, I think because I have never written a story before I have not been sure where to begin. I took the lead from how I have found doing art again and just done something. I can always edit it as I progress but just decided to just write and see what happens. I have written 2 so far and it has been really enjoyable getting into other people’s shoes to write about what happened to them. It’s been hard working out what perspective to write them from but I think I will just experiment with a few ways and can choose which I prefer, a mix may be more interesting for the reader anyway.

This week another intriguing emotion has arisen, guilt. When I have sat down to do this project I have had this sensation that I should be “doing some work”, that this is fun and it’s not actually being very productive. It feels very decadent doing some art in the day time. However this is part of my work!!! Eventually in the future when I see how my journey goes I would like to be able to share my learnings with others in the form of a book…..and for that I need to do the research! I think I am so programmed into the way of thinking that you work for a period of hours and get paid for that. The thought of doing research and having an adventure before making any money is a totally new concept……but I like it! As you can see from my graffiti attempt above I am feeling really happy and content right now. I am waking up and doing things I love every day, I am feeling inspired and I am loving the chance to be so creative every day.

Tonight I am going to watch a street dance act called Flawless who came runner up in Britain’s Got Talent a couple of years ago. I love watching all the new street dance groups on the TV these days so I am really excited to go and see a whole live show of it! Then tomorrow I am off to The Royal Academy to see some more traditional art as opposed to the Tate Modern last weekend. Sunday is my graffiti hunt, so I will report back after then!

Have a great weekend


Another beach scene from Thailand!

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