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Welcome to A Journey of Intention! Before explain my plan for this exciting journey, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 42 years old, I love yoga, beaches, sunshine, dancing and I’m passionate about helping others feel good.

I live in Hove with the beach at the end of my road. I mention this as it was one of my intentions when I began this blog in 2011 to leave London and live close to the sea.

I run a business called Create Yourself, my mission is to help and support people in growing their self confidence and belief in themselves to create a life they love. I do this through using a holistic tool kit of services; life coaching/ NLP, image consultancy, Reiki & Yoga.

This blog was originally set up to document a year long journey of intention and has continued to evolve from there. Now I have experienced living with intention I don’t want to just stop, it has become part of me and how I live my life.

Why did I start this?

Quite simply I did this to shake things up, to break my usual patterns and to do something totally different. The overall intention of the journey is freedom and love. Freedom means different things to people but for me it’s running a business that I love which allows me to travel the world extensively, a 6 month trip to India was part of this journey, and to live by the sea. Love is important to me whether it’s with a partner, between friends and family or even strangers, I want to feel love and connection in my life daily.

Why Intention?

I have learnt about intention from 3 different areas over the past few years. Firstly through reading about the Law of Attraction, secondly attending various personal development courses who discuss the power in creating a context (intention) of how you are going to be in a situation and also from practising yoga. The day’s I have set myself an intention, a focus on how I am going to “be” that day it has significantly changed things.  In fact this whole idea as come from an intention a 2 month charity challenge I organised from February 14th 2011, called Create a Life You Love. The mission was to do something that makes you smile every day, people paid to join the challenge which all donations went to Living Beyond Diagnosis, a charity that supports people affected by breast cancer. From the intention of creating a life I love everyday the idea of this challenge was born and now here I am!

The law of attraction states that we get what we focus on, if we set our intention to what we want to achieve and allow that into our being, it will be ours.

So I was intrigued, what would happen if I spent a whole year living with intention? What if every month I focused on a way of being that inspires me and is important to me? What if I picked some intentions that challenged me and got me out of my comfort zone, and would they lead me to my ultimate intention of freedom and love?

What happened

Each month I gave myself a different intention to focus on; I reminded myself of it daily, got creative around what to do for each one,I sought input from others and stretched myself to do things that were new to me and challenged me in some way.  Half of the year I wrote my journey whilst travelling around India, a dream I had of doing for about 13 years.

The funny thing was I wrote the plan quickly in April 2011 before I began without much thought, as it happened each intention flowed perfectly into each other and was just perfect for that time.

Since returning from India I have relocated to Brighton, another dream of many years. I continue to set my intentions sometimes daily, weekly or even for specific task. I am continuing to write here about my learnings of using intention to create change and dreams in my life

My intention now is to create a book from  my experiences and lessons to help others harness the power of intention in their lives. I also offer 1-1 coaching in person or via Skype.

Enjoy the journey!

Namaste xx