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I love my body. I take care of it. I am grateful for it.

Since I last wrote I got ill, flu, it really knocked me sideways. I managed to have 3 days off but it wasn’t wanting to move that quickly to fit in with my schedule. So I carried on. I ran … Continue reading

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In Rod Stryker’s book “The Four Desires” he shares that in the Sacred texts the Veda’s they explain that there are 2 aspects to our soul; the highest part that is connected to everything, to God, infinite and the personal … Continue reading

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Connecting & Allowing

Last time I wrote my intention was connecting to “I Am”, to that state of being-ness which is our true Self. The essence of who we are, the unchanging energy that is always present, always there, never faltering with the … Continue reading

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Connecting to I AM

More and more my desire is to connect with “I am”, that is the feeling of presence, the feeling of just being, awareness of being part of this huge expansive unlimited energy that is all of us, all around us, … Continue reading

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Space & Time

Wow it’s been a long time since I last wrote! After our wonderful wedding and honeymoon last year life suddenly got very busy, workwise and energetically I’ve had some big adjustments to process. The transition from living on my own to being … Continue reading

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Planning a Wedding

I’ve just finished listening to a wonderful interview with Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist’s Way, about creativity and writing. It immediately made me think of this blog and how I haven’t written it for ages! 2016 has been a … Continue reading

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The Power of Intention!

21st December 2014 – my intention written in my intention book I am love, I am surrounded by love. I am in a healthy loving committed relationship. I am with a man who loves me just for being me. I … Continue reading

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In light of everything going on in the World right now Peace is the intention I feel that is needed the most. Watching the news, which is something I usually avoid doing too much, can easily start to instil fear … Continue reading

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What a summer! 7 festivals; Yoga/ Buddhist and Christian, and Camp Bestival Teaching yoga at 2 of them; Camp Bestival and Into the Wild 2 full workshops in Brighton I ran my first retreat abroad in Turkey Plus I turned 40! … Continue reading

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Turning 40!

40 is fast approaching, just a week left of being in my 30s and I have to say I am excited. Turning 40 to me symbolises being in my power as a woman, acknowledging all I have learnt and achieved so … Continue reading

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