Being Present in The Caribbean!

Why Palm Island is perfect to detech on

This time last week I was on the beach at Young Island, in St Vincent and The Grenadines, writing my first diary entry for the 5 day digital detox. We met every morning before breakfast on the beach to write, meditate and just have a chance to take in the beautiful setting all around us. What a week we had, I could not have imagined it could be any more perfect than the way it turned out. On the last day our diary topic was to review what we had learnt during the trip, these are a my realisations after 5 days of being switched off from the world:

1. Having no distractions with mobiles or laptops very quickly helped me to switch off from back home and just fully enjoy where I was and who I was with. After just 5 days I feel like I made some great friends and I think that was helped by us all just fully being with each other 100% rather than our minds being elsewhere checking messages and being on line some of the time. We all had each others total focus. Plus of course I was lucky to have some brilliant people on the trip.


A perfect place to do coaching!

2. Coaching in a beautiful setting, especially looking out to sea, really does help to contemplate life in a calm and clear manner. I felt whilst coaching just really present, centred and open to listen to my intuition of what questions and exercises were going to be best to help the person I was coaching.


3. It’s amazing how life unfolds, this time last year I was in India with a boyfriend in Australia (which is no more!), living in London and contemplating taking a break in January 2012 to return to India to really have time to explore it there. I never imagined a year later I would be running the trip of a life time in the Caribbean! Plus I am off to India in 2 weeks to follow my dream there after which I will move to Brighton. Determination, belief in what you want and being flexible really is key to achieving your goals.


4. As soon as I turned off my phone that was it, I left the UK behind. Switching off from the world, and maximising our time away really made me feel like I have been away for a longer period of time. We were only there for 5 days but we did so much and enjoyed each moment so that it feels more like 2 weeks.


5. Life really does have a way of working itself out and you never know what is around the corner, even when you are going through a tough time you can be sure something good is around the corner.


Team Detech!

6. The only thing I missed about technology was not being able to share with people back home what an amazing time I was having! What is that?! I am sure this desire has only come since Facebook started. Why on earth would people in the midst of winter in UK want to hear that! Again it simply came back to enjoying the moment with the people I was with.

7. When I began this journey I wrote out my intentions for each month just from the top of my head, no real plan. I actually thought I’d be in India in October so if anything I wrote them to fit around that. As it’s worked out each intention has been perfect and lead naturally on to the next. Being in the present moment occurred so naturally whilst being switched off and on islands where you felt a million miles away from home.

So to conclude, I really do recommend taking yourself off on a digital detox, whether it’s to St Vincent and The Grenadines (The tour operator Black Tomato are offering digital detox packages) or somewhere else just as beautiful. You could even do one in the comfort of your own home, plan a weekend and just switch off!

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