Create Space. Breathe.

Create SpaceI’ve been experiencing tension recently, in the body and mind. Of course over the years I’ve learnt that it’s my thoughts that create the tension in my body.

It’s the times when I am feeling in a rush to get something done, to get somewhere, to achieve that my middle back and tummy tenses.

It’s worries about the future when  I feel it in my shoulders, neck and lower back.

I am sure these must be common tensions of people working for themselves. Being self employed is a constant practice in patience, determination, faith and being in the moment.

I love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else now. I wouldn’t swap it for the world but every now and then I need a reminder to stop to create space. To breathe into any tensions.

Thankfully being a yoga teacher I am continually being reminded to pay attention to my breath, which helps to expand and create space. Mindful, expansive movement frees up space in the body.

My flat is feeling cluttered, I am sure it’s all that time I spend in more over the winter. It’s time to have a sort out and throw out!

My mind has been a bit overwhelmed with fearful thoughts. It’s time to meditate, breathe into the tensions and release the thoughts that do not serve me.

The breath is amazing. I know this isn’t any ground breaking news but just stopping, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath is just so calming. It lets the brain and body know everything is ok in this moment. If I wasn’t you wouldn’t be able to be sitting there breathing deeply and slowly, would it?!

Creating space helps me to think more clearly. To not be attached to things being a certain way. To trust the flow of life. To free up my body. To be open to the unknown. To relax.

Create space. Breathe.


Louise x

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