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firework2It feels like ages since I last wrote this blog, mainly because it was hacked therefore completely down for a few weeks. Aside from this minor annoyance (hacking is a strange thing isn’t it, what’s the point?) I have also been busy creating an eCourse so that you can experience your own Journey of Intention…..more on that later.

Did you all have a good Christmas and New Year?

I had a very peaceful and lovely time. Just at home with my family doing the usual eating, TV watching and catching up with good friends. I even managed to fit in a night of dancing on boxing day, perfect for burning off the Christmas cake! For New Year I went to the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Putney, the same ashram I have visited for the past two years in Kerala.

It was so lovely to be back there, to chant, meditate together and listen to their teachings. As midnight struck we had all just finished chanting for peace and were sat in silence as we heard all the fireworks exploding in the skies around us. It was such a great way to see in 2013 and exactly how I wish to carry on over the year ahead.

I went with Vicky, my friend who I met in Sivananda at the start of my trip last February. It felt really special to be there with her after our amazing journey together. I can’t believe that was nearly a year ago I set off for India, I miss it so much and plan to go back in 2014. For now though I am happy setting up my life in Hove.

The main message that I took from the evening to carry on into my new year was from a quote by Swami Vishnu:

“Life is rich, when you are simple and humble”

This message has come up in other books I have been reading recently and conversations I have been having, so I am paying attention. Since leaving London in 2011, choosing to travel and moving to a new place I have been living on much less than usual. People that know me know how much I love to shop, I am a personal shopper after all, but actually I have calmed this down a lot.

It’s so easy in our society to get caught up with all these things we want have, things that we think will make us “better”, “enough” or “happy”…… It can get so draining, constantly thinking about what we want next.

This isn’t even just about shopping, we create a whole other list of what we need to happen to make us happy, rather than just being content with what we have right now. Happy with ourselves right now.

I really feel like I am starting to connect with “life is rich when you are simple and humble” and it’s something I want to continue with this year. That is, simplifying my life. Happiness comes from within, I can access it when ever I want through thoughts, by doing yoga, writing, watching the sun sparkle on the sea, listening to the birds, getting lost on the dance floor, spending time with friends and simply just thinking about what I am grateful for in my life.

I wonder if other people have been experiencing this too as a result of the recession, stripping things back and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Maybe that is one of the lessons that is to come out of it.

I’ve also been reflecting about the importance of choice in life. What happens in our lives is down to the choices we make. In any given moment we can choose how we wish to deal with a situation and how we wish to be. I haven’t always made good choices in my life, I’ve done things that have affected my health, my energy levels, my relationships, my career and my happiness. Through my journey of intention I created the habit of consciously choosing how I wished to be in any situation, it’s so empowering and liberating.

You can experience this too! I have created an eCourse which is basically a course of emails that will be sent to you at regular intervals. It is for 3 months, each week you will receive an email setting your intention for the week, similar to how I did my monthly intentions. You will also receive a weekly affirmation email to ensure you keep your intention in mind.

Just like through my own journey there are intentions in the course such as; LOVE, COURAGE, KINDNESS, PLAY and BREAKING HABITS.

If you’d like to find out more click here.

The couple from Slovenia are here again this weekend, I am really looking forward to what comes up this time as the last session was really transformational for healing my asthma and my relationship with food. I will report back next time!

I have got one last thing to say and that is to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think it’s safe to say that many of us have been through a lot of change over the past year or so, and if you haven’t it may be just around the corner. Apparently this year is all about being loving, abundance and the law of attraction being in full effect so make wise choices and enjoy all that flows to you.

With love and abundance

Louise x

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