Life is Constantly Evolving

I’ve been wondering for the past couple of days how honest I am going to be in my post today, I have had a bit of a horrible week and I haven’t been sure whether to mention it or not. However I guess as this is my journal to document my journey over the next year of living with intention I think I should. So here goes!

After 6 months of waiting for the man I was in a relationship with to come back from Australia he finally arrived…..and then told me he has decided to end things. It’s really sad as I really felt we got on brilliantly and I was obviously really looking forward to spending time with him again this summer. I believe people come into our lives for a reason, he inspired me and as a result I have started this blog and am planning to be writing it whilst travelling around India for 6 months. I’ve dreamed about going on a big trip like this to India after I went there 12 years ago but since it’s seemed extremely irresponsible to take 6 months out of my life for a big holiday!! However he opened my eyes to making it possible. We were going to go together, but now I am going to have an adventure on my own. I wonder if I hadn’t have met him if this is something I would be doing now, maybe not this year.

I have been trying to think how I can be my intention whilst going through a break up, how could I do things differently? So I am testing something out. I have given myself a deadline to feel upset… Friday this week I am going to be OK. Life is constantly evolving and when you try to resist the flow it just makes you feel bad, acceptance of a situation you don’t like is the key to being able to move on. I have got a really fun festival to go to on Friday with some amazing girlfriends and I am going to have a great time.  We will see if it works 🙂

My challenge for last week was set by Eva at The Vent, to not eat sugar or watch TV all week! Eva, another friend Mary B and myself all decided to do it together. I’m loving that people are getting involved!! The no sugar was surprisingly OK, I do usually eat chocolate every day but I think maybe because I was being so healthy the week before with the raw food I had managed to get over the cravings so I didn’t really think about it. My flat mate did buy me a cupcake so obviously I could not refuse that (!) but apart from that I’ve done it!! I think now I have broken the everyday chocolate habit I will keep it going. It’s amazing how addictive sugar is and I really did get proper cravings after lunch every day for something sweet.

However the no TV was unbelievably hard, it’s funny because I thought that would be really easy as TV is something I can give or take usually. I think this was possibly the worst week though as I really needed a distraction to just stare at and not think about the man! I just wanted to switch off and get lost in some soaps. So I have to admit there was a sneaky couple of times when did watch Eastender’s on my laptop about 5am when I couldn’t sleep. I kind of convinced myself it didn’t count as it was not actually on TV and it was in sleep time so it didn’t eat into my day, it’s quite amazing how we can manipulate our thoughts like this isn’t it?! So sorry girls!! I did watch less television than I would have if I hadn’t had the intention and as a result of not watching it I actually ended up going out every night, which was way more social.

The week before last I had bought a different magazine, BBC’s Easy Cook, so this week I made a recipe from it! Baked salmon and leek paella, it was yummy and really easy to make, this is what you do:

Fry some finely cut leeks (2) in oil in a pan for a few mins.

Add some tumeric.

Stir in some basmati rice til it’s coated in the oil.

Add vegetable stock.

Put in a casserole dish, hide cut up bits of salmon under the rice, season, add frozen peas on top.

Bake for 20-30 mins until fish and rice are cooked.

Then I added a few cut up chives and lemon juice.

Hey presto!!! I think next time I will add in some big prawns at the end too.

So I have 4 day’s left of doing things differently before my next intention starts on Friday, and I am open to challenges!


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