Love On The Streets Of London

As I am writing this it’s a week since the riots kicked off in London. I was working in Oxford Circus until 10pm on the Monday and kept hearing reports on Twitter that Balham (where I live) was also being looted. So it was quite scary travelling home not knowing what to expect when I got out the other end, but it was ok. Other areas weren’t though, it was very sad to see the aftermath the next day. What came out of it though was really inspiring, communities getting together, supporting each other and helping clean up. The photos on here are from street walls in Balham, I was touched to see them and also quite amazed considering my intention is LOVE this month!

In Peckam a Wall of Love has been created  by all the residents stating what they love about the area. It’s such a statement to the gangs of the community coming together, and not being defeated by them.

While I was waiting for the tube the next morning a man got on the tracks to attempt suicide, everyone on the platform were coaxing him up back up. Thankfully he did listen and staggered back on the platform looking totally desolate. I was so touched to see that 4 separate men went after him to talk to him, so often on the tube people don’t want to get involved and look the other way but this time these men wanted to help him. The riots seemed to bring people together, everyone was interacting more, it’s shame it has to happen after something bad happens.

That night I went along to hear the Relationship Equation talk by Dadi Janki, we were undecided whether to go in the afternoon as people were being told to stay indoors incase of another night of riots. I hate to be stopped doing what I want though so decided to brave it, and was very pleased I did. There must have been a few 100 of us in the cinema a Leicester Square to listen to this little 95 year old Indian lady speak about love. In between each point we meditated on what was being discussed and at the end we focusing on sending love and peace out to London that evening, it was perfect! We floated home feeling very peaceful and thankfully there was no more trouble in London that night.

Here are a few points Dadi Janki made about love and relationships;

1) Patience, tolerance and being content all contribute to a good relationship.

2) Your attitude will emerge in your vision and awareness, for example if you have an attitude if discrimination it will be visible through your eyes, alternatively one of love will also be shown through them.

3) Do not waste your time thinking about what other people are doing; don’t blame, don’t compare, don’t waste thoughts about “why did it happen?” “how did it happen?” “what should happen”. They just make your head hot, you feel dull, your heart fragile and hard. Instead develop the habit of acceptance and think, “it happened, oh well!”, “When will I do it? Now!”.

4) Be present and available for each other. A clear conversation is free of ego and accepting what others are saying. Listen with love. Give up trying to be right all the time.

I have been focusing on this last point especially since, so often when I am speaking to people I am analysing in the background if I agree, if they are right, what my opinion is of what they are saying…..and that really isn’t very loving at all! I have mastered the art of active listening when I am coaching how ever just in conversations with friends and family it’s so easy to get distracted by your mind chattering away. The talk was a good reminder just to be present with people and to give up being right!

I am going to leave you with a quote from Journey to the Heart, by Melody Beattie, which is the daily mediation book I am reading;

“Practise forgiveness. Judgement without forgiveness causes us to feel isolated, separate, and apart, causes us to judge ourselves in the same way. Discover how much better you feel when you forgive others. Find out how much better you feel when you forgive yourself.”



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