A Meditation to Help Experience Your Intention

2014seaHappy New Year!

It’s day 4 of my January challenge….30 days of hot yoga and no cakes or chocolate.

Hot yoga……to cheer myself up for not being in India.

No sweet things because I have eaten so much chocolate over Christmas, haven’t we all?!

So far so good, although I have been eyeing up a chocolate lady bird on my desk that was somehow left over, maybe just to test my will power.

I created a great little ritual this year for setting my intentions. I wrote them on pebbles, then threw each one out to sea after saying a little prayer for it. The feeling of releasing them into the sea felt really good, like I was setting them free.


I do suspect though that they may be on Brighton promenade now after the crazy storms we have had. Most of the beach has been shifted up to the pathway. Maybe someone else will pick one up and see it as a sign, I like the thought of that!

Obviously there is a lot written about goals, resolutions, making changes around this time of year so I don’t want to sound like a stuck record. The fact of that matter is every single moment is a new beginning, at any point in your life you can choose to make a change. Even better you can experience the change right now by setting an intention, rather than saying “once X has happened then I will feel X” you can choose to be that way right now.

You can choose love right now.

You can choose success right now.

You can choose abundance right now.

You can choose to have fun right now.

You can choose to be healthy right now.

This is the power of intention and why I love it so much!

Take a moment to pick an intention. Close your eyes and inhale, filling your body with that intention. On the exhale release anything that you need.

It goes something like this;

I inhale love

I release fear

I inhale love

I release guilt

I inhale love

I release hurt

I inhale love

I release fear

I inhale love

I release pain

I inhale love

I release control

…..and so on. Really feel your body fill up with your intention and as you exhale slowly let go of anything you don’t need any more. It’s up to you, this is all within your power.



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