photo (63)It’s been a while since last writing, life after Vipassana suddenly got rather busy which was a bit of a shock to the system after being in stillness for 10 days!

It’s been an interesting journey since I left the course in March. Coming back into every day life after complete silence was quite overwhelming. Even sending a text seemed hard. I realised how life is a complete bombardment of stimulus and how much energy everything takes.

By that I mean the energy we need to do things but also how much I give away my energy. Which is only natural with the work I do but a reminder to make sure I keep my energy levels stocked up to be able to have it to give it.

After about a week of being back I started to experience numbness down my left hand side, from my rib cage down to my big toe. Interestingly this was the side I felt pain when sitting through the meditation and not moving. A couple of months later I am not sure what it was that caused it still but I have noticed it still flares up now if I go into over busy mode. It’s almost like my body signalling to slow down!

What worked for me to heal the numbness was to lie on the floor in “constructive rest position”  to release my psoas which was incredibly tight, I suspect from sitting up right so much! This position is wonderful though if you have any tension around the hips, gluts, into the legs. Just lie there for at least 20 minutes and allow everything to release.

The lesson here for me as I often get is to just slow down and relax. 🙂 I have been loving just stopping every now and then through out the day to drop into silence and stillness.

My journey of Faith is deepening more and more each day. I can feel God working within me, guiding me and looking after me. It’s so hard to describe but I get a strong sense of knowing now what is the right thing for me to do, or not to. I have a sense of trust that things really are working out for my own good and it’s all part of a bigger plan for me. Every day I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and I actually feel it, warm energy coming down in through the palms of my hands and my heart feels filled up.

It amazes me that I have got to this stage after resisting God for so many years. It’s so true though once you ask him into your life he does start to change you. It can be challenging as I was thinking one way for so long and now I am seeing some things in a different light.

My intention recently has been happiness. By this I mean true inner happiness, not the external happiness we think we’ll achieve when we get something. I am running a 2 day workshop, The Happiness Effect, purely based around this in June so my time at the moment is spent talking and reading about happiness…..and what is so amazing is that the more you focus on happiness the more you experience it. As with any intention of course….

If you’d like to get daily doses of happiness please so sign up to our Facebook page or regular emails via the site.

Happiness is also embracing sadness too, it’s not just all about positive thinking to get you through the day. After all you can be in a job you hate or a relationship that’s not right but thinking “positively” to get through it.

Taking the lesson from Vipassana, just allowing yourself to be with any feeling and then watching them pass with out being attached in away is one of the keys to inner happiness.

Taking time to think about the things that really make you happy and asking yourself how often you actually experience them can be quite revealing. A few things that make me really happy are…

  1. Watching the sun sparkle on the sea
  2. Going for tea & home-made cake with a friend for a catch up
  3. Being with animals (esp cats!)
  4. Holidays
  5. Swimming in the sea
  6. Dancing in the sunshine
  7. Going somewhere new on my own and exploring
  8. Laughing out loud
  9. Learning new things
  10. Going home to my parents
  11. Practising yoga
  12. Hula hooping on the sea front
  13. Living in Hove

What makes you really happy?





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The Intention Has Paid Off!

I started this journey on 1st May 2011 with the intention of living with intention for 12 months and then writing a book about it.

If you have been following my journey since then you’ll know it has taken me to India, to become a yoga teacher, to leave London to move to Hove and has developed with in me a faith in God.

Yesterday, after much procrastination and determination, I finally sent in my book proposal for A Journey of Intention to Hay House! Hay House is the publishing house I dream of working with as they are the leaders in self help and inspirational books. I didn’t think it would take me so long to get it done, but it has and I am now going to celebrate!

I didn’t even know what a book proposal was when I first began this project. At almost 10,000 words it’s felt like being back at Uni writing my dissertation. I feel like I have gone through a huge learning curve and what ever happens after this I feel this in itself is an achievement.

Having the intention to write this book has carried me through the past 3 years, it’s led me to keep writing this blog. Plus of course the lovely feedback I have had from all the people who read it.

Again another reminder, that intention creates your thoughts, your way of being and therefore your experience of life.

I don’t know what will come next, I am open to seeing where this takes me. If I don’t get a publishing deal this time around I will keep submitting my proposal and perhaps even self publish one day.  Who knows.

That’s the thing with having a specific goal orientated intention, you also have to be able to set it free, to be flexible around it and trust everything is happening in it’s own perfect order. The moment you find yourself clinging on to something being a certain way the more chance you have to actually pushing it away from you.

My intention right now is to just relax and enjoy Easter. That is it. Very simple.




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Vipassana and the Ginger Cat

vipassanaOn arriving at Dhamma Dipa the Vipassana meditation centre nr Hereford I was greeted by a very charming ginger tom cat. Relief washed over me, I instantly relaxed, there is just something I find about a presence of an animal that makes me feel at home.

An hour later in our orientation meeting we were told to not “encourage” the wandering tom as he doesn’t actually belong to the centre and his owner is getting upset. This looked like it maybe my biggest challenge ahead!

Humphrey (I heard his owner calling him one afternoon from a near by field and guessed that must be for him) is such a character. Most days he shows up by the benches near the dining hall where everyone congregates to drink tea, with a peaceful, content smile on his face. Happy to receive strokes from anyone who dare to break the rule and happy not to, either way is just fine for him. Sometimes he just sat in the sun in the flower bed, grinning from ear to ear, happy in the moment as if meditating.

He embodies the peaceful energy of the centre, just being, no attachments to whether or not he gets any attention. He is not even aware that people have been told to ignore him, or maybe just are not cat lovers. Which got me thinking about how in life we can find ourselves attracted to people and when we don’t get the same attraction in return we can have some kind of reaction to that. We have no idea what is going on in their minds, maybe they have been told, or told themselves, to avoid someone like you, or maybe they are just not “cat people” and prefer dogs instead. We all have different preferences are are drawn to different qualities in others after all.

Humphrey did how ever break one of the 5 precepts of life at the centre; to abstain from killing any being. He was a natural hunter and over the last 3 days of the course he was seen with a mouse, a bird and finally a rabbit!

Vipassana is run entirely on donation, once you have experience the course you are invited to donate so that others can experience it too. It doesn’t have to be a huge donation, it could even be your time, but it’s the energy you give it with. The intention to be helping others be free from their unhappiness too. This is called Dana.

With Humphrey’s little offerings, by the benches where we sat, of a smaller animals body parts it became clear, he was just practising Dana!

Did I abstain from any contact with Humphrey? Of course not! One night I had to get up in the night to go to the toilet, everyone was a asleep and who should walk along but Humphrey. As I crouched down to stroke him, he climbed up and lay across my shoulders nuzzling my neck with his head.

I did notice though as the time went on there I was looking out for Humphrey less and when I did see him I only gave him a little stroke just to acknowledge him. My attachment to want contact with him lessened, even though I still could love him from afar.

Vipassana is an experience. It’s hard to find the right words to describe what kind of experience it is as it’s not a holiday, it’s not fun, and the days are long; you are required to “work” on your meditation for 10 hours at given slots between the hours of 4am – 9pm. By the time we finished at 9 I could not get into my bed fast enough.

There are 3 hour long “strong determination” sessions through out the day where your aim is not to move. The concept of the technique is that all of our suffering comes from attachment; either to aversion, wanting to do anything to avoid feeling something, or craving, wanting something so much that you don’t have in the moment right now. Usually when we feel a painful feeling we react to avoid it or if it’s something that makes us feel so good when it’s not there we crave it, which can also lead to unhappiness.

Through the Vipassana mediation technique you experience your body as a field of energy, and all the difference sensations that arise with in that moment by moment. Sometimes it’s blissful, my experience was like light flowing energy, sometimes with lights flowing up and down my entire being. Then the pain arises which I found could completely overwhelm every part of me, afterwards feeling like I’d been through a trauma. The idea is not to react to pleasure or pain, to just be with what is and know that it will pass.

As Goenka the teacher says it’s being in a state of “perfect equanimity” – where no experience disturbs the balance.

As I have written many times before after learning it in India, we are all organic beings constantly evolving. We are always changing, life is always changing, and this is what happens with the sensations in the body.

Those “strong determination” sittings of not moving no matter what (of course if it gets too much you can move, and the trick is not to get attached to that either, it’s just what is) really gave me insight to how determined I really am and also to embody the truth that everything is always evolving. Every time I felt intense pain I would just tell myself it will pass and just to be with what is, a great sense of calm would come over me even though it hurt like hell.

Reactions are called Sankara’s and every time we react we add to all the reactions we have had before that leads to our behaviour and thought patterns. By not reacting any more you begin to change your habits. By not creating any more new sankara’s your old ones begin to come to the surface through the meditation to be released. So you know whilst feeling the pain or lovely sensations you are healing from within.

If you feel drawn to doing Vipassana I suggest just giving it a go. It’s not easy, but I found it very powerful, a really effective meditation technique that you can then practise daily back home and the experience of silence for 10 days for me was bliss.

Coming out of silence was a shock to the system, as people left the meditation hall on the 1oth day and began to talk I could sense my energy shifting. As soon as I walked out into all the noise I felt completely overwhelmed, I didn’t even feel like I could talk if I wanted to! It’s a three days later now and everything still feels a little overwhelming, I am just taking things slow. We are surrounded by so much noise in our daily lives that creates so much energy, without us even being aware of it. It’s good to just stop every now and then to take a break from it.

So what is my intention at the moment…..to be EQUANIMOUS of course 🙂 Just being with what is, in a balanced state of mind and of course very present. You have to be present to be able to notice when things start to get out of balance.

I was listening to Mooji this morning and he described it perfectly “it’s not that you don’t care, it’s more that you don’t mind how life is unfolding because you are in your true nature”.

There is so much more to say about it but I think I will leave it here for now.

If you’d like to ask me any questions about Vipassana, if you’re thinking of doing it, please do feel free to get in touch; louise@createyourself.co.uk





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Be Still – a post pre Vipassana

I am on a countdown now, 3 days until I start my first Vipassana course in Hereford.

Vipassana is a meditation technique, and way of living life, that is taught over a 10 day course, in complete silence. As they explain on their website;


Vipassana means “to see things as they really are”. It is a process of self-purification by self-observation.

You are told to leave at home; any reading/writing materials, music, technology including mobile phones. During the 10 days you do not speak, gesture, smile or look at anyone apart from a couple of hour long slots each day if you have a burning question about the course to ask the teacher. I can’t practice yoga, the only exercise being available is to walk around the grounds on the breaks. This will be my schedule for the 10 days, and my thoughts about it….

4:00 am Morning wake-up bell  …..fine I am an early riser anyway

4:30-6:30 am Meditate in the hall or in your room  ……2 hours?! before food?!

6:30-8:00 am Breakfast break …..phew, I will make sure to eat as much as possible

8:00-9:00 am Group meditation in the hall …..nice, although I have heard in these group sessions you are not allowed to move?! What if my leg goes dead?

9:00-11:00 am Meditate in the hall or in your room according to the teacher’s instructions…phew if I do it in my room I can at least move a little if I need to

11:00-12:00 noon Lunch break …..isn’t that a bit early for lunch?!

12noon-1:00 pm Rest and interviews with the teacher ……..rest, yay! Wonder if I can sneak a downward facing dog in somewhere, my body will need a stretch.

1:00-2:30 pm Meditate in the hall or in your room …….cool

2:30-3:30 pm Group meditation in the hall ……..meditating in a group will be easier

3:30-5:00 pm Meditate in the hall or in your own room according to the teacher’s instructions  …..I think I may be a bit bored of meditating by now

5:00-6:00 pm Tea break …….tea, yay! Hope there are some biscuits with that.

6:00-7:00 pm Group meditation in the hall ……sure will be glad to be back in the group. What if my leg goes dead?!

7:00-8:15 pm Teacher’s Discourse in the hall  …….good, something to listen to, a break from meditation

8:15-9:00 pm Group meditation in the hall ……more?! What if my leg goes dead?!

9:00-9:30 pm Question time in the hall ……oh good, a chance to speak, will I want to though in front of a group?

9:30 pm Retire to your own room–Lights out ……hold on, when was dinner?!

The closer I get to it the more I am experiencing longing silence, a break from my mobile, from checking Facebook, from watching TV shows, from just doing. I am also finding myself starting to question how on earth I will be able to sit still for that length of time, won’t my body ache from sitting so much and not practising my yoga. As you can see from above, my mind is already wondering if I can sneak a few downward facing dogs in the toilet, ha ha.

My mind is starting to worry a little about getting bored, what the food will be like (I have a nut allergy so have to be careful) and how will I cope with not having a meal in the evening?! The thought of having lunch at 11-12, then just a cup of tea at 6 seems impossible for 10 days. I know if I go to bed hungry I don’t sleep.

Then my soul is looking forward to all of this, reminding myself of my lovely times in the ashram in India and how I loved that time away from life, time to meditate and think about the bigger picture. I could speak to people there though. In the ashram we only had 2 meals a day, plus tea time, and I felt great for it. I found I actually didn’t need as much sleep when I ate less.

My soul is itching to turn my phone off and log off from Facebook! This is going to be a brilliant digital detox.

I ask myself why am I doing this, what is my intention of 10 days in silence? I don’t feel like I have anything to “deal with” or “to process” but I am sure something will come up that will surprise me.

My intention of Vipassana, is to just be still. To stop all the doing. To be able to hear my inner Self and God. To listen to my heart’s guidance around what is next for me. To learn a new meditation technique and learn potentially another new way of living life. It’s a progression of of my journey over the past few years, the next step.

So those are my thoughts, and concerns, 3 days before Vipassana. I hadn’t really given it much thought until I start to read the guidelines again and what to bring on their website last night. This resulted in me dreaming about it before waking this morning, there were two minutes left before we began and I hadn’t yet set my out of office or recorded a voice-mail to say I was out of touch……. funny the things that come up isn’t it? Ha ha.

So that’s me over and out, I will of course report back when I am out of the other side 🙂



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Be Present & Have Faith

flagI’ve been noticing a bit of a theme on Facebook over the past few days, that people seem to be having a bit of an emotional time right now. People’s posts have been reporting that they are feeling a bit lost, blue or facing some kind of challenge.

I have to admit I have been feeling the same over the past week. I’ve been blaming the moon! The full moon has a tendency to make me feel emotional even when there isn’t really anything to be emotional about.

I also think it’s the time of year, unless you’ve managed to escape to the sunshine February can often be a little depressing.

If you have been experiencing these waves of emotion too, please know that you are not alone.

What comforts me in times like this is that everything will pass. Just like the stormy weather last week and the beautiful sunshine we have had since. The sunshine will always come out in the end.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy. Through my tough times I have learnt to have faith in a power much bigger than me. I’ve learnt that I have peace, contentment and love with in me, I just need to be still and close my eyes to connect with it.

I’ve learnt that walking in nature helps to get things in to perspective and calms the mind.

I am aware that there are a lot more people far worse off than me and if I extend my love outside of myself to others it helps us all.

I’ve learnt that sometimes I just need a day to focus on me, to do what ever I feel like doing and to pamper myself a bit. Taking time out from all my to do list to this will help me to be more productive and creative in the end.

When it all comes down to it though anything that helps you to be in the moment right now will help. Most upset comes from the thinking about the past or worrying what may or may not happen the future. Something that helps me is to ask myself:

What am I grateful for right now?

So in this stormy weather of emotions my intention is to BE PRESENT & HAVE FAITH. To continually bring myself back to this moment when ever I find my mind wandering off (for me it’s into the future) and have faith that I am being looked after.

A great affirmation for this from Deepak Chopra is:

As I live in present moment awareness I live in the magic of syncronicity

I really find that Child’s pose helps with this feeling of being in the moment and surrendering to a power much higher than ourselves. Just kneeling, sitting back towards your heels, resting your forehead on the floor, hands by your feet, breathing deeply and letting go. Aaaahhhhhh.



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Be Still & Arrive

sunriseA lot of my life I have wanted to be somewhere else.

After spending a year in Australia after University I longed to live in Sydney for many years.

After months exploring South East Asia, I craved being back there.

After spending a few weeks in India in my early twenties I longed to return there for a good few months to really explore all that amazing country has to offer.

Once I discovered my love of Brighton in my 30s I then longed to live here, hating to have to leave to go back to London after fun days by the beach.

It’s not just being in hot places, there have been times when I’ve spent time wanting to be out of situations too, for example in jobs I didn’t enjoy any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I have achieved all of this bar relocation to Sydney. Most winters I have escaped to spend wonderful times in Asia, elsewhere around the World, and of course now I am living in Hove. It’s great to have dreams, goals, and to fulfil them. I will always love travelling and I will always do it.

If there is a situation in your life you don’t feel fulfilled and nourished in then it’s so important to make those changes, no matter how scary it might feel.

What I have realised though is that I feel I have arrived in this moment. Living in Hove is where I am meant to be right now and it feels good. This is quite a feat for me in February, which is my least favourite month and the one I usually want to escape from the most.

The feeling of always wanting to be somewhere different to where I am can be quite exhausting!  It also takes my mind away from the present moment. Maybe that’s why I love travel so much because when I am on a hot beach I don’t want to be anywhere else. Still when I am away I can often catch myself wondering where to go next on my journey.

It’s not just being in other locations though, just yesterday I noticed how much I fill my days. There are always things to do, books to read, places to go, things to watch, people to chat to and so on. I stopped my self in the afternoon and just sat in stillness. Unless purposely meditating or doing yoga I rarely just sit down and do nothing. To just arrive.

If you relate to this at all have a look at what it might feel to to arrive where ever you are right now. To be in the present moment.

In yoga, you’ll often hear teachers saying at the beginning of a class something like “take a moment to arrive on your mat”. This is exactly what I am talking about. Bringing your mind into the stillness of your body in the moment.

When people come into a yoga class they may have just left work, they may have had to rush to get there, they might be in the middle of a conflict or situation out side of the yoga studio that is consuming their mind. A yoga session is a chance to leave all that outside and just be with yourself in the moment.

As always yoga can be translated into your life off the mat.

So what does it mean to you to arrive?

How would it be to arrive where ever you are right now?

Be still and arrive.






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Coronation Street & Anita Moorjani


I can’t believe I am about to write about a soap opera in my blog but last night Coronation Street hit my emotions so much I spent the rest of the night dreaming about it!

Last night the character Hayley, who was suffering from cancer, took her life. She had been told she did not have long to live and she didn’t want to get to the stage where she wasn’t in control of her self any more. Her husband Roy disagreed with her decision but went along with it to support her, she died in his arms  much to his heart break.

It filled me with sadness because at the point she decided to die she was still able to get up, see her friends, laugh and even iron Roy’s best shirt for her funeral. She was still alive in every sense. It saddened me because she was told by the doctors she did not have long to live, she chose to believe this and planned from that moment to end it even sooner.

Now I have never experienced cancer but I am aware of the power of your thoughts. I also know this is a fictitious story but I am also aware it has the potential, like media does, to inspire others to do the same.

I have written about Anita Moorjani before but I felt this was a good time to bring her up again. She was also told she was dying of cancer, in fact she did for a few moments and had a near death experience that taught her how fear had created her illness and how love would cure it. She chose to come back to this life and her life threatening cancer healed within a few weeks. She has written a book, Dying To Be Me, about what she learned and now travels the world sharing her story to inspire others.

There are lots of great interviews with her on You Tube, for example this one. I really recommend listening to her story, learning from her and sharing it with others.

Always choose love over fear.

Namaste x

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A Meditation to Help Experience Your Intention

2014seaHappy New Year!

It’s day 4 of my January challenge….30 days of hot yoga and no cakes or chocolate.

Hot yoga……to cheer myself up for not being in India.

No sweet things because I have eaten so much chocolate over Christmas, haven’t we all?!

So far so good, although I have been eyeing up a chocolate lady bird on my desk that was somehow left over, maybe just to test my will power.

I created a great little ritual this year for setting my intentions. I wrote them on pebbles, then threw each one out to sea after saying a little prayer for it. The feeling of releasing them into the sea felt really good, like I was setting them free.


I do suspect though that they may be on Brighton promenade now after the crazy storms we have had. Most of the beach has been shifted up to the pathway. Maybe someone else will pick one up and see it as a sign, I like the thought of that!

Obviously there is a lot written about goals, resolutions, making changes around this time of year so I don’t want to sound like a stuck record. The fact of that matter is every single moment is a new beginning, at any point in your life you can choose to make a change. Even better you can experience the change right now by setting an intention, rather than saying “once X has happened then I will feel X” you can choose to be that way right now.

You can choose love right now.

You can choose success right now.

You can choose abundance right now.

You can choose to have fun right now.

You can choose to be healthy right now.

This is the power of intention and why I love it so much!

Take a moment to pick an intention. Close your eyes and inhale, filling your body with that intention. On the exhale release anything that you need.

It goes something like this;

I inhale love

I release fear

I inhale love

I release guilt

I inhale love

I release hurt

I inhale love

I release fear

I inhale love

I release pain

I inhale love

I release control

…..and so on. Really feel your body fill up with your intention and as you exhale slowly let go of anything you don’t need any more. It’s up to you, this is all within your power.



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A Few Things I learnt in 2013



It’s just a few days until Christmas now and as usual I am loving the build up. I love the Christmas lights, catching up with friends & family, indulging on mince pies & mulled wine, giving presents, Christmas songs. It’s such a special time of the year.

I also love the end of a year, the feeling of something coming to a close and a new beginning ahead. Time is funny isn’t it, a man made concept but yet January always feels like a new start even though it’s really just another cycle of the moon.

I’ve been spending some time contemplating my first full year living in Hove & teaching yoga, what a wonderful journey it has been. Following are a few of my lessons learnt and thoughts over 2013:

  • This was the year of me really starting to sing out loud, something I had never done since being told I couldn’t at school. It’s so freeing and great for self expression.
  • Bhakti yoga/Kirtan which is chanting the name of The Divine is a fantastic form of meditation and completely drops you into the space of the heart.
  • This year I joined a church, it’s called Brighton Vineyard and it’s held in a college hall. It’s unlike the traditional churches I had visited before and been put off by. The focus is on the Holy Spirit, living as Jesus did and healing.
  • Since opening my mind, heart and life to God I can really feel the Holy Spirit guiding me now, sometimes I catch myself doing things I would not have dreamed of just a few years ago (like going to church for starters!!). This gives me a great sense of peace knowing I am being looked after.
  • God doesn’t always give you what you want but he gives you what you need. Even though sometimes in life what happens is the last thing you feel you want, there is a grander scheme.
  • The quickest, and most enjoyable, way to get over a break up is to be loving to yourself and do what ever feels good for you right in the moment. Leave any “got to” “should dos” at the door and pamper yourself silly!
  • Hula Hooping is seriously fun and great for your abs.
  • Paddle boarding is not as hard as it looks and a wonderful feeling to be standing out to  sea.
  • Sharks are near to becoming extinct because of the disgraceful “luxury” shark fin soup that the Chinese love so much, the poor sharks are often chucked back into the sea alive without a fin. Yet another disgusting thing to come out of China.
  • Speaking of fish, I was never really aware of how much damage we are doing to the sea bed and marine life through over fishing. Tuna, salmon, cod, prawns especially are off limits to me now which is even more of a challenge to me than giving up meat was.
  • I have not been ill once this year, and one of my intentions for the year was I am Divine Health, it certainly feels like my truth now.
  • I did however had a bit of back pain and what what I learnt from that was how amazing self massage with a yamuna/tennis/spiky ball can be! You simply roll around on it where ever the tension is, in my case my gluts and it is great to release shoulder tension.
  • Nothing beats a massage though, they are so good for you in every way and caring about yourself enough to buy yourself one is uplifting in itself.
  • I bought my first tent in about 15 years and enjoyed sleeping in the great outdoors this summer. Speaking of camping, if you are interested in yoga I highly recommend Colourfest Festival in Dorset,  will definitely be going there again in 2014.
  • Hove really is the most amazing place to live (in the UK) in the summer; swimming in the sea, live music on the beach, Marrocco’s ice cream, take out pizza on the beach, paddle boarding, sunsets, starting off the day walking out to sea at low tide……oh and did I mention the beach? 🙂
  • I recently completed another yoga teacher training in trauma sensitive yoga.  I am really looking forward to offering yoga as a way to help people recover from trauma next year, and also helping people who suffer with high stress levels. Yoga can give you the tools to manage yourself in any situation and it can be extremely healing.
  • Having the intention of I AM LOVE naturally keeps my heart open, this doesn’t mean I always feel good, it leaves me open to the potential of being hurt but that’s OK. I would rather be open, be loving, be kind, be compassionate than closed off and void of feeling any deep emotions at all.
  • ….and finally mung bean soup! I couldn’t not mention it here after it becoming my staple meal since the summer! Great for detox, balancing blood sugar and loosing weight.

It’s amazing how a year can fly by but yet you can achieve and learn so much. Sometimes the lessons are not immediate but appear over time.

Make time to celebrate your year and get ready to welcome in the new, 2014!






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A Christmas Intention

2011-12-17 23.19.14As we silently moved into December on Saturday night the Christmas period suddenly became alive, every where I went yesterday was full of festive cheer! From Tesco’s blaring out “Merry Christmas Everyone!” to a fun afternoon at a Christmas party in a big tipee on Brighton beach.

I love this time of year, actually it’s the only few weeks of winter I can say I really enjoy. Beyond January I am counting down the days to summer and escaping off to a warmer clime when I can. There’s just an excitement in the air, I love the lights, the smell of mulled wine and a crackling fire. Overall though it’s such a great time to connect with friends and family, not that this doesn’t happen through out the year but people seem to make an extra effort to do so.

Whilst sitting here listening to my Christmas Spotify playlist (do love Spotify!) I suddenly realised, it’s a great time to create an intention for the month ahead. A Christmas intention! What do I really want to experience this month?

I went to a lovely yoga Satsang last week with Rev Padma Priya, who spoke about when you relax in life you allow God/ The Universe/ High Consciousness (you choose your word) to work through you. By relaxing and being open, you are ready to receive what is the highest good for your life. It may be unexpected, and sometimes feel unwanted, but it is always going to be for a higher purpose and what is best for you.

I know from experience when I relax and let go, stuff starts to happen. It’s so easy to forget that though, when I have a million ideas of things to do!

Padma Priya used the analogy of God, The Creator, needing a pen to create something. Which pen would it choose;

  • The pen that doesn’t work, never has and never will
  • The pen that stops and starts
  • The pen that just flows, has the perfect nib and when ever you pick it up to use it the ink runs smoothly
  • Or the pen that thinks it knows what is best, you try to write one thing but it will write what ever it chooses, it has a mind of it’s own.

Which pen do you think?

Working for myself often leads me down the path of being very busy making things happen. I think I would probably be like the pen that thinks I know what is best!

Yoga definitely helps with this, it causes me to be still, go within, connect with my higher self and be present. I am grateful to have this practice to come back to every day, when ever I need it.

So back to my Christmas intention. This Christmas I am LOVE & CREATIVITY.

What does this look like? Well I see it as taking all perceived pressure off, enjoying the moment, which I believe is needed to allow creativity to flow. You can not force creativity, it just flows naturally when you are having fun, and not thinking about it too much. Creativity is not just art, we are all creating our lives every day.  In this relaxed state I will be in an open space to be able to listen to my higher self and receptive to the unexpected that comes into my life that guides me to what I am led to create next in 2014.

I am going to be creative with my time, the gifts I give and maybe I will actually do a bit of art in some form. I find doing some art is like a meditation and it’s amazing what can come out of it. I did love my month of Being Creative back in May 2011.

Love is obviously in there as it’s my overall intention always, I actually believe it’s the true state of being for all of us, just sometimes we forget it.

I have learnt over the years that when you set an intention you won’t always know how it will happen and in what form, this is where being open to being guided comes in. Trusting if its for your highest good, you will be guided to ways that make it your reality maybe in a way you could never have imagined. Setting an intention causes the Universe to start to shift things in such a way to cause it to happen.

This feels like the perfect place to be as I move into 2014 and start to consider what my intention is for the New Year. This month I’ll be doing my review of 2013, something I always find so useful to reflect on what has gone well, what hasn’t and what I have learnt. I really believe there are no failures, only lessons that until you learn them situations will keep happening until you finally get it!

If you’d like some help with reviewing your year and creating your intention for 2014 I am running an offer at the moment for a 4 hour coaching session  to do just that! Please see my  Create Yourself website for more details.




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