An Unexpected Breakthrough

sunrise4I have had quite an unbelievable couple of weeks. Two weeks ago on Sunday I asked God for a breakthrough in my relationship with Ben. It wasn’t that there was really anything wrong apart from a disconcerting feeling that something wasn’t right. I just felt that maybe a honest conversation was needed to be had.

One week later we broke up! I certainly hadn’t expected that, I had strong feelings for Ben and I didn’t want it to be over. I felt incredibly sad and disappointed that we could not have found a way to work it out, it all seemed such a shame as we were good together. I questioned God, how could that be a break through, it certainly wasn’t what I wanted!!

Last week was a whirlpool of emotions. I know that in any kind of upsetting circumstances the best thing to do is to do what ever I feel like doing, to allow the feelings to come and to do loving things for myself. I fully embraced this and actually ended up having a really lovely week.

I practised my yoga, I had lots of laughter with friends, I gave myself and others Reiki, I watched films, sat in the sunshine on the beach, had massages, hula hooped, spent extra time at the cats home and I went home to my parents. By Saturday I was feeling more uplifted than anything and as I walked along the beach I started to come to realise what I could learn from the situation.

I strongly believe there is always something to learn through the hard times and if you can take responsibility for your side of things that empowers you to know you will not go through it again once the lesson is learned. Until you learn the lesson you will just keep repeating the same pattern over and over again.

Ben was like no other man I have met before, he broke many of my past patterns. He was so much of what I am looking for in a man that I am happy to know energetically I am attracting someone like that into my life. It began as a whirlwind though, which many of my relationships do, and I believe this is the lesson for myself. It was only further down the line I realised actually he wasn’t really right for me.

My heart is so open I let people in very quickly, I am never cautious, I romantically rush in head first. My heart is precious and I think the lesson here is about slowing down, taking my time and listening to my heart. Not just in relationships but in all aspects of life. I have written here before how I have a tendency to do things rather quickly!

Just before we broke up, someone prayed for me and said they felt drawn to tell me that God doesn’t always give you what you want but he gives you what you need. I have faith this needed to happen for some reason, that there is something better for me around the corner and that I am being looked after. I really do feel that in my heart.

My intention week is the yoga practice of Ahimsa which is one of a “Yama’s” of the 8 limbs of Yoga. A Yama is an ethical discipline. Ahimsa means non violence to all beings. The flip side of this is love, being loving to all creation. This includes to yourself. It’s in thought, word and action, in every way of your being. I’ll be bringing this to life in my yoga class this evening and sharing it with my class. I am so grateful for teaching yoga, I love it!






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Men Are From Mars

loverevolutionI recently re read Men Are From Mars Women are From Venus by John Gray. I first got it when I was a teenager and think I probably only flicked through it quickly back then, oh how I wish I had paid a bit more attention now!

It’s such an insightful book about the differences between men and women, we really are different species. One bit I found helpful to understand is that we both fluctuate in and out of relationship. Gray likens men to rubber bands, one minute they will be fully with you then the next they feel the need to pull back to get their independence and autonomy, to allow themselves to miss you then they spring back.

Where as he says women are more like waves, when at their peak they are feeling loved, good about themselves, have a lot of love to give and in their own power then they can dip into needing reassurance, feeling empty and emotional.

What often happens is when a man pulls back needing his space the woman will try and go after him, needing reassurance, which makes them want to stretch further away. Understanding the need for space and just allowing them to get on with it, while you do things you love to do helps. Just as if a woman is in a dip for a man to acknowledge that and give her a bit of extra love will save the day!

I can relate to all of this so much, I sometimes think I am a bit like a man! Whilst I love to be in a relationship I also still love all the other aspects of my life. When I get close to someone I can sometimes feel a bit like I am loosing myself so I then find myself distancing myself again to get back in my power. I also go in waves of feeling great and then needing a bit of reassurance, so thankfully I am feminine as well, and this is all totally normal, phew.

What the book does is gives you an insight into each others behaviours and relationship values, so you can start to understand our differences to be able have compassion and respect for each others needs.

I had an interesting realisation last week around feeling lack of money, I came up with a combination of questions that helped me to get out of it and create intention instead. From feeling lack I moved into inspiration quickly and had some steps to get myself in action. Here they are:

What I am lacking?

Why do I want more of X?

What will I be doing when I have more X?

How will I be being?

Switch this around into affirmations such as:

I am generous

I am financially independent

I am free

I am love

I am a published author

……and so on.

From here consider what actions you could take to be “being” your intention?

Just work through these and see how you feel.

My intentions at the moment are to:

  • Teach more yoga
  • Write my book on intention!
  • Be KIND…..look for random acts of kindness I can do daily

I am offering a couple of different coaching opportunities at the moment to help you create your intentions for 2014. The 1-1 option is as follows:

Create A Life You Love in 2014

Set yourself up for a great year ahead with a 4 hour Create 2014 Coaching Session. This will include:

  • A review of 2013
  • Intention (Goal) setting & planning how you’ll achieve them
  • Manifestation techniques to help make your dreams a reality
  • NLP to help you be in the best mindset to really go for it

*****Discount for bookings made before 31st December – £150*****, usual price £240.

Group Coaching

An alternative option if you prefer to work in a group is a series of group coaching sessions with me in Hove, the first Sundays of each month from December to February.

  • The first session in December (1st) will be to review 2013 and create your intentions for 2014.
  • In January (4th) we will look at what you need to do and who you need to be to manifest your intentions.
  • In February (1st) we will look at anything that might be getting in the way of you achieving your intentions.

All sessions will include time for guided meditation. Each session is £40 or there is a discount for booking all 3 at £100.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book; [email protected]/ 07779 150886



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Just Listen

cloudsMy intention this week is to listen. That is really to listen to my inner guide, that is God/Universe/Higher Consciousness what ever you choose to call it.

I am also going to extend this out to actively listening to every one I interact with, that is not thinking about what to say next while they are still speaking and noticing the things that the other person doesn’t say, the more subtle layers of communication. This is something I do as a coach but not necessarily in every conversation out side of that. It’s quite surprising the extra effort it can take to actively listen but when you do the richness of the communication is so much deeper.

Listen to nature too; to just stop and listen to the wind, to the falling rain, to the waves crashing against the shore, to the birds singing, or in the case of sea gulls, squawking!

This has come from a discussion I have been having recently around finding my Calling in life. I feel the work I do is part of my Calling but there is still something just around the corner, another layer to it all that I have not expected. I am asking to be led to this and to notice it when it arrives.

This is going to require some serious listening! Listening to instinct, heart flutters, stomach flips, an inner knowing, signs, chance conversations some of which will be Gods way of leading me there.

I am going to be strict with my meditation routine and having silent periods throughout my day. Yoga is so helpful with this, every time I get on my mat it’s a chance to go with in. To connect with myself and have the space to listen.

I invite you to take a look at where you could benefit from listening a little bit more in your life?

Do you find your self half listening when someone else is speaking? I know I have been guilty of multi tasking when on the phone or caught up in other thoughts which leads to only half paying attention.

How often do you sit in silence and really listen?

Do you notice your body reaction to different events in your life? Your body unconsciously gives off signals when something is good for you or not, but often we ignore it.

Do you notice signs, new people coming into your life, passing conversations that could help you in the direction you want to go or are you closed off from them by being caught up in the mind?

I have a great affirmation for this intention which I am going to use through out each day:

As I create and listen I will be led.

Have a great week!



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Being Peaceful

Being peaceful is knowing that right now in this moment everything is working out. It’s connecting with the real you, the inner you, the place inside you that is always at peace before your mind (ego) takes over.

How often do you feel in this place? Honestly?

I am like a yo yo! When I practice yoga, by the end of it I feel at peace. When I sit on the beach and watch the sunlight sparkling on the water I feel at peace. When I pray I feel at peace. After a good laugh out loud with friends I feel at peace.

The rest of the time….maybe not always! There is always something to think about, to do, to work towards. It can be pretty tough when you work for your self to feel at peace all of the time, trusting it is all working out.

That’s the thing. It all comes down to TRUST. When you let go of attachments and trust, peace fills you.

I have been helping a friend through a difficult time recently, an addiction which completely takes over the soul and removes any experience of peace. With my new found faith I have been praying. I had prayer at church last Sunday for us both and the Holy Spirit filled me with peace.

I feel bonkers writing that, my faith is still so new that even expressing it is bizarre, but it’s how I felt. I experience a sense of love rushing into my heart and a serenity taking over my being. I can’t explain how I believe I can only gage it by how I feel.

So my intention this week is PEACE, I feel like I have been given a kick start by the Holy Spirit but I am maintaining this sense of serenity through out the week in every area of my life and my being.



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A Year Anniversary and Personal Power!

waterseaOne year ago today I moved into my lovely flat in Hove, the flat I had completely manifested by writing down what it would be like before I started my viewings.

For so many years I had dreamt of moving down here, so has it lived up to my expectations? Absolutely, and more.

Living so close to the sea is magical, at any time of the year. This week alone I have enjoyed getting up early and going down to walk on the sand bar at low tide, feeling the sun on my face and tasting the salt on my lips.

My intention when first moving down here was really to just get out and meeting people. I only knew a couple of people, now I feel like I have some special new friends and lots of lovely connections. It’s such a spiritual, creative, yoga abundant place it attracts many people like minded as I am. Everyone is so friendly and open down here, making new friends has been a joy. Even just going shopping you end up having nice chats with people.

My business has really evolved down here into one that feels completely authentic to me now and I have really been enjoying working with my new clients down here. London is still not far and travelling up there for shopping trips is a fresh boost of energy every time.

It’s great being a visitor to London now rather than living there, I think I appreciate it more and have to say very much like to come back down to the sea afterwards.

I’ve discovered a Church that feels right for me, Vineyard at Brighton & Hove Sixth Form College on a Sunday morning. The people that go there have been so welcoming to me and I love how the focus is on connecting with the Holy Spirit. Feeling Gods presence is so special, which I haven’t always done when I have visited more traditional church services. I never believed I would find myself being part of a Church, after resisting it for so many years but I always feel so uplifted and renewed after going each time,

Above all Hove feels like home, I feel like myself here and as much as I love to travel I am heartsandperfectly happy to be here too. Over the past year or so I really have learnt that you don’t need to travel to far flung places to have new experiences, there is so much to offer right here. A spiritual journey takes places within not in the places you visit.

It’s also almost a year since I began to teach yoga to the public. I remember those first few classes last October feeling nervous and wondering if anyone would show up, let alone come back! Now my yoga classes each week feels like a catch up with friends, it’s so great to have regulars, to share what I love with them and with the new people that drop in.

What I have learnt becoming a yoga teacher, as with anything, is just to be authentic, to bring a bit of me to my classes which I like to do in the form of setting intentions. We have a different focus for every class and it’s interesting how doing that brings a different energy every week.

This year I started to run yoga workshops based around each Chakra, or energy centre, in our body. This has been really fun exploring each of them and bringing elements of my Reiki and life coaching to the sessions. When I run these I really feel “in the zone”, where I am completely lost in loving what I am doing. It’s such a wonderful feeling and I really recommend finding something that gets you into this place if you haven’t done it already.

Meeting Ben has been the icing on the cake to the great year I have had, and I am looking forward to seeing how my life evolves here over year 2!

All of this has come from living with Intention. I think this is a great explanation of intention from Deepak Chopra:

If you want something to grow stronger in your life, direct more of your attention to it. If you want something to diminish in your life, withdraw your attention from it. Intention, on the other hand, catalyzes the transformation of energy and information into new forms and expressions

Intention literally has the power to transform your life. Write your intentions down on post its, place them all over your home, set them as reminder on your phone and focus on being them right now.

I have an intention book where I write out my intentions like I already have them. I read them and meditate on them, but also release attachment to them. Rather than obsessing over how they will happen I just focus on what I want, bring that into how I am being in each moment and then trust it will happen when the time is right.

If you’d like to explore what can come out of living with intention I have created a eCourse which sets you, via email, a different intention every week. You’ll have the opportunity to create an overall intention for the 3 months but then the weekly intentions will give you a chance to play around with different ways of being towards achieving it. You can find out more about my Journey of Intention eCourse here.

Thank you for continuing on my journey with me, it’s so great to hear when people are reading this and getting some inspiration from it.

I went on a writer’s workshop with Hay House last week, my intention is to be published by them one day. So this blog will finally be turned into a book, even though the year long experience finished last year it feels right to have waited before starting to write it just yet.

My intention this week is PERSONAL POWER. I find myself giving my personal power away to others sometimes, these are the moments where I am not feeling strong in who I really am. I especially notice this being in a new relationship, the juggling of being yourself merging with someone else. Life can be so much simpler alone but so joyful when you can share it with another.  My intention of power is to maintain my truth, to be fully myself and be responsible for my own feelings in any situation.



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Life Purpose & Being Centred

India2012 347Are you clear what your purpose in life is? I’ve just been preparing for a coaching session with a client this week on discovering their Life’s Purpose.

Your purpose is your fire behind every action, it’s meaning to your life and is your heart and souls guiding direction for life.

To give you an idea how you may formulate your Life’s Purpose, here is mine. You’ll notice it has 3 sections, who I am being, by what I am doing, so that I may have….

My life purpose is to be an inspirational heart felt life coach and yoga teacher, helping people feel good and live a life they really love. I achieve this by being my authentic loving self, regularly connecting to Source, continually learning, challenging myself and paying attention to my inner guidance. This helps me to be the best I possibly can be for my clients and myself. So that I may have a life full of love, inspiration and adventure.

When you have the clarity of your Life Purpose you can then align all you do to help you to get closer to it. It’s so helpful when making decisions….you can simply ask yourself “will this move me towards or away from it?”.

Since writing this last I have turned 38! I had such a special weekend, spending time with Vicky & Lisa, who I met in India last year, and then with lots more good friends on my actual birthday making the most of the sunshine on the beach. Amazing.

I also managed to fit in a lovely yoga workshop with Fiona Tasker up in Hove Park. We had a silent walk up through some woodland and 15 minutes meditation of deeply connecting with nature. I sat in the roots of a huge moss covered tree, which felt like they were holding me. It was very grounding and comforting to be surrounded by such a old wise presence. How often do we really stop and actually spend time just being with nature? So often it’s a quick glance and then move on to the next thing.

I grew up in the New Forest so my child hood was spent either on the beach or playing in the woods. We used to pretend to be elves or gnomes as we’d run around making dens and scaring people as they crossed over “our bridge”. I spend so much time on the beach it was great to get in amongst the trees again and I intend to make time to do it more often.

2013-07-27 13.50.59

It’s always good to try new things in life, especially things that you feel you wouldn’t be able to do or would at least be a challenge. Hula Hooping and paddle boarding have been my latest experiments and now my new hobbies! They are both brilliant, and great exercise with out feeling like it (my favourite type of workout). It’s an amazing feeling standing on a calm sea below you, I really recommend it.

The intention I set in Monday’s yoga class was being centred, that is feeling in your body, connected to the earth, at peace. Your best thoughts, ideas, decisions, words come from your centre rather than when you are caught up in the fast pace of the mind.

A quick way to centre yourself is to;

  • Place your feet firmly on the ground, feel your balance.
  • Come into your breath, feel your belly rising in the inhale and releasing on the exhale.
  • Notice the temperature of the room on your skin, any smells, any sensations in your body.
  • Then relax your middle line; between your eyebrows, nose, mouth, throat, belly.

If you are keen to explore your life purpose, as I spoke about above, ensure you do this from a place of being centred so it comes from your true self. If you’d like some help, of course please do let me know!

I am continuing this intention of BEING CENTRED throughout the week. It’s something useful for every day of our lives but it’s so easy to get busy, caught up in the mind and forget to return to that place of calm steadiness.

Namaste xx



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A wonderful weekend at Colourfest

photo (2)I had such a special experience at Colourfest, a yoga festival, in Dorset last weekend. To start with the weather was perfect for living outdoors for 3 days but that was only a small part along with all the lovely people, yoga sessions, Kirtan, dancing and gong baths….

Gong baths are a new discovery for me and quite possible my new favorite thing! You lie on the floor, close your eyes and allow the vibrations of the HUGE gongs to wash over you. Apparently the vibrations of the gongs match different organs of your body which creates a deep healing and detox.

I definitely experienced this, in a couple of the baths I could literally feel the pain leaving my body by the end of them. I recently had a shoulder injury for about 6 months and was a little concerned when I felt the aches coming back after doing so much yoga & dancing (I tend to fling my arms around a lot!) at the festival. However they have been completely fine after the baths and are feeling great now.

My friend and I were so relaxed after each session we could barely speak let alone move, but yet an hour or so later we felt completely rejuvenated. Needless to say I can’t wait for more gong baths at the next festival (Gaunts House Summer Gathering) I am going to in August.

The theme of Colourfest was love and this was apparent in every yoga session, dance, workshop we did. The message that I picked up on strongly through everything is that you are your own guru, you don’t need to look outside for what you need. You have all the knowledge and wisdom, for what is right for you, with in.

Love starts with self love, until you love and honor yourself how can you fully love another.

The dancing and kirtan we did was all an expression of love, being self expressed, moving spontaneously in what ever way we felt and in that space connecting with each other.

In one of the dances we did on Saturday night all the women got in a circle whilst the men danced in the centre and sent us their masculine energy. Then we reversed it, it felt so good to have the support of the men holding the space around us but then to be sending them feminine energy. I know we, women, have our own strength and can support ourselves perfectly well however there is something primordial when we get back to basics! I think it was also all about acknowledging we have both energies with in us and connecting with that.

I chose to do a digital detox over the 3 days too, how wonderful it was to be without my iphone. As great as they are it was lovely to have a break from emails, texts and Facebook. Every time I do one I remember how important it is to take a break from the constant bombardment of distractions we have every day and have head space just to be. I look forward to running a digital detox retreat myself sometime soon to share this experience with others….so watch this space!

The icing on the cake was jumping into the sea on Monday morning, first swim of the year. Hooray for summertime!

As it’s half way through the year now I am focusing on my intentions I set for the year;

I am abundance

I am divine health

I am love

As I wrote about last week, intention is all about being the goal….so this is who I am being.

Enjoy this wonderful weather!

Namaste xx


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Be The Goal

photo (48)I went to my first life drawing class in about 20 years last weekend! Wow that makes me feel old writing that. I found experience was so much more than just an art class.

Personally it was more of a practice of detachment to outcome. I think because it’s been so long since I have done anything like this I had no expectations, I didn’t really care what my drawings turned out like. Even so it was fascinating to notice the fluctuations of my mind between being pleased with what I had done to wanting to give up and go home in a childish strop.

As  much as I didn’t care, I obviously did a little bit. It was interesting to notice the levels of attachment around the room, the self criticism people gave themselves when they were miles ahead of what I was doing.

The thing I love about art is that it is so subjective, during my month of being creative I spent time reacquainting my self with art galleries and the big learning from that was that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s what speaks to you. The Tate Modern is full of stuff that I would not even spend more than a second glancing at but yet for some people they will be magnificent works of art.

What I also enjoyed about the art class was the fact it was a grey day outside and the teacher played lovely music you could imagine being sound tracks to old black and white films. I felt like I had stepped into a warm little cocoon of nostalgia and creativity.

Another successful Artist’s Date! The next one is in July…..a paddle boarding class, slightly different.

I read a brilliant description of intention the other day by Robert Holden, that it’s basically being the goal. What ever you want to create in your life, it’s being that. Robert writes the following:

Today be what you want.

If you want love, be loving.

If you want peace, be peaceful.

If you want fun, be funny.

If you want new, be different.

If you want adventure, be open.

If you want success, be alive.

If you want joy, be kind.

Be what you want!

Out of my year long journey of intention which has extended into my every day life I have created an e-course to help you experience the power of living with intention. Every week, for 3 months, I will send you an email setting an intention for the week. A few days later you will receive an affirmation to help keep it in mind.

Where ever you place your attention that area grows. Where you place your intention it can transform. It can create how you are being through out your day.

You’ll have an opportunity at the beginning of the course to create your overall intention for the 3 months, then the weekly ones will help you to play around with different ways of being to help you create it. It’s fun!

I have been running an special offer in June which is about to expire on Sunday. Instead of £98 for the 3 months, it’s only £1o a month! That’s £3o in total!

If you’d like to take advantage of this great bargain please click on the buy now link on this page.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

Namaste xx

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Simply TRUST


Rubbish down the mountain side in Mcleod Ganj

There is a week long street cleaners strike in Brighton and Hove at the moment, this means the city is covered in rubbish. It’s piling up, smelling and being blown around by the gusty sea wind. It makes you realise how much work goes into keeping our streets clean and how we take that for granted.

One of the girls at my yoga class last night mentioned it’s like being back in India. How true! Although it’s completely covered in litter all the time there though, they have no concept of bins. When I was staying in Mcleod Ganj for a couple of months my “land lady” just told me to chuck my rubbish down the mountain?!! Of course I didn’t.

We are so incredibly lucky to live in a country that does usually have relatively clean streets.

Anyway that’s enough about rubbish 🙂

In my last post I wrote about starting doing neti each morning, which is a nasal cleansing process of flushing your nose out which salt water each morning. Considering it’s peak hayfever time and my bed is covered in cats hair (I have had a fluffy visitor for 5 weeks) I am not taking my usual nasal spray at all. Admittedly every now and then I do get a sneezing fit but I do feel like it’s making a big difference. It feels kind of cathartic too, cleansing with salt water each morning.

The sugar detox  is incredibly hard, I have noticed that when I feel a bit down or in need of cheering up that is when I think of cake! Sweet things = treats in my mind, treats that make me feel happier. I think many of us were probably bought up like that, given something sweet after going through something less than pleasant. I remember always having an ice finger bun after going to the dentists! I really hated the dentist.

I was chatting to my yoga mentor yesterday about it, she suggested every now and then having a “treat” when I felt really good to break the thought process of only seeing it as something to give me a lift. Love that, any excuse to have a slice of cake 🙂

Often when you allow yourself to do something, you find you don’t actually want it any more. It’s when you tell yourself you can’t, it becomes all you can think of.

I have been finding some honey on a rice cake or a handful of sultana’s has been doing the job though. It’s all just a case of time when changing habits. I used to love pick and mix sweets but now I wouldn’t go near them, to me now they are just pure sugar and will make me feel awful afterwards.

Right now my intention is TRUST. I am using the Louise Hay affirmation:

“I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe”.

This is come from my lower back starting to hurt. The area of your lower back can relate to unbalance in money and relationships. Which is exactly where mine is. I am single and working for myself means money can go through it’s ups and downs. My three favourite intentions that really help to give me comfort when I feel out of sorts in these areas are:


Trust, it is all working out perfectly.

Patience, it is all happening in perfect timing.

Faith, that there is a higher purpose for my life, I am loved and I am being looked after.

Trusting allows me to relax and go with the flow. We can’t force what we want in our life to happen, in fact when we try to do that we can just push it further away.

How many times have you worried about something in the past to look back now and see what it all worked out perfectly in the end?

Things are working out, even if we just can’t see it yet.

Namaste xxx

PS If you would like to experience how living with intention can shape the way you are being in your life I am offering a HUGE discount on my Journey of Intention eCourse at the moment! £30 for 3 whole months of emails with intentions and affirmations!! That’s only £10 a month!!! This is only valid until 30th June so GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN!

Enjoy! xxx

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Being Mindful

photo (44)I’m an addict. I’ve known about it for a long time and most of the time I have it under control but it’s only been from going completely cold turkey I have really noticed the affect it had over me.

Sugar, I crave it!

Over the past week I have completely cut it out by only eating mung bean or lentil soup. The first three days were like torture, I couldn’t stop thinking about the mint chunky kit kat left in my fridge (why didn’t I eat it before I started?!). I felt completely exhausted and was sleeping like a baby.

I’ve now started to introduce some salad, veg and brown rice and muesli, with seeds, in the mornings with the only sweetness from dried fruit. I am feeling much more alert and even my cat waking me up at 4am each morning isn’t seeming to affect my energy levels!

What has also been interesting to notice is that when I am only eating quite plain meals like the soup my hunger isn’t really anything to do with actually being hungry. I am full of healthy food but yet I still crave “treats”.

At the weekend I ran a yoga workshop, I usually make a “treat” for people to eat at the end. This time I was determined to make something relatively healthy so I experimented with coconut balls. Something I have seen other people eat but usually they are made with nuts, which I have an allergy to. So I whizzed up the following in a blender:

Some organic raw coconut oil

A bag of pitted dates

A couple of spoons of Green & Blacks cocoa powder

Some golden linseeds

Dessicated coconut, about half a bag

I then rolled the mixture into little balls and rolled them in more dessicated coconut. They are YUMMY! I can’t believe they are not bad for you…. So I think they will be my new “treats” now when I feel like something sweet.

Saying all this, I am never going to give up home made cake or ice cream….especially with the amazing “Treacle” cake shop & and Italian Marrocco’s just round the corner from my flat. Everything in moderation and all that 🙂

photo (45)

My Neti Pot!

Another new addition to my routine is neti. Neti is a yogic cleansing technique used to get rid of mucus in the sinuses, so it’s great if you have allergies/ hay fever etc. You use a neti pot which looks like a little Aladdin’s lamp and fill it with previously boiled (but now cool) water and Himalayan salt, because it’s very good quality, or you can buy a sinus salt rinse from the net.

If you are interested in trying it’s probably best to look up how to do it on You Tube but basically you pour water down one nostril and have your head tilted so it comes out of the other one, then swap sides! It feels quite strange but good afterwards. 🙂

I’ve only just begun so I will report how my allergies are doing next time I write.

As you can imagine, being the beach bum that I am, I’m completely loving living in Brighton right now. I had a moment on Monday when I was walking home along the beach after teaching yoga of feeling completely present, content and happy with my life. When I was in India I wrote in my intention book my vision of walking along the beach on my way to teach yoga in Brighton, and in that moment on Monday evening I felt like I had arrived.

On Friday I am actually going to teach yoga on the beach front at 7am….. I AM SO EXCITED! What a great start to the day. Message me if you’d like to join in!

This week I have been listening to various interviews by authors from Hay House, as  part of their free world summit. It’s amazing, there is so much free content, it’s actually pretty impossible to listen to every interview each day. What I have been loving though is that every inspirational speaker is basically saying the same message:

  • Our true state is unconditional love
  • We are all spiritual beings having a human experience
  • Our purpose is just to be who we truly are, that’s why we are here, we are all unique and that is what we have to share with the world

I really recommend signing up for the rest of the summit if you can, it’s so uplifting and inspiring to even just listen to one talk a day.

…..and some exciting news! I have signed up for the Hay House writers conference in September, to give myself the kick up the bum and new tools to be able to write my Journey of Intention book. We will all have the chance to submit a book proposal to them as well. My dream is to be published by Hay House so this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with them.

My intention this week is MINDFULNESS, this has emerged from my new slower yoga practice, morning calming pranayama (yogic breathing) and simplifying my diet. My system is settling, calming and as a result more awareness is coming into my being. For the next week I am going to experiment with really taking time to pay attention to everything I do and my surroundings.

One technique to help me to do this is to sit outside, close my eyes and just listen. To tune into all the sounds around me. I am more of a visual person so I think this will be really interesting.

In being mindful and paying attention to all of my senses this will help me to hear my inner voice, my intuition, which will guide me if I just trust it and allow it. This is something I have been working on over time and would like to develop even further.

Enjoy the sunshine lovely people and if you are in Brighton come join me for some yoga on the beach on Friday morning!




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