A Year Anniversary and Personal Power!

waterseaOne year ago today I moved into my lovely flat in Hove, the flat I had completely manifested by writing down what it would be like before I started my viewings.

For so many years I had dreamt of moving down here, so has it lived up to my expectations? Absolutely, and more.

Living so close to the sea is magical, at any time of the year. This week alone I have enjoyed getting up early and going down to walk on the sand bar at low tide, feeling the sun on my face and tasting the salt on my lips.

My intention when first moving down here was really to just get out and meeting people. I only knew a couple of people, now I feel like I have some special new friends and lots of lovely connections. It’s such a spiritual, creative, yoga abundant place it attracts many people like minded as I am. Everyone is so friendly and open down here, making new friends has been a joy. Even just going shopping you end up having nice chats with people.

My business has really evolved down here into one that feels completely authentic to me now and I have really been enjoying working with my new clients down here. London is still not far and travelling up there for shopping trips is a fresh boost of energy every time.

It’s great being a visitor to London now rather than living there, I think I appreciate it more and have to say very much like to come back down to the sea afterwards.

I’ve discovered a Church that feels right for me, Vineyard at Brighton & Hove Sixth Form College on a Sunday morning. The people that go there have been so welcoming to me and I love how the focus is on connecting with the Holy Spirit. Feeling Gods presence is so special, which I haven’t always done when I have visited more traditional church services. I never believed I would find myself being part of a Church, after resisting it for so many years but I always feel so uplifted and renewed after going each time,

Above all Hove feels like home, I feel like myself here and as much as I love to travel I am heartsandperfectly happy to be here too. Over the past year or so I really have learnt that you don’t need to travel to far flung places to have new experiences, there is so much to offer right here. A spiritual journey takes places within not in the places you visit.

It’s also almost a year since I began to teach yoga to the public. I remember those first few classes last October feeling nervous and wondering if anyone would show up, let alone come back! Now my yoga classes each week feels like a catch up with friends, it’s so great to have regulars, to share what I love with them and with the new people that drop in.

What I have learnt becoming a yoga teacher, as with anything, is just to be authentic, to bring a bit of me to my classes which I like to do in the form of setting intentions. We have a different focus for every class and it’s interesting how doing that brings a different energy every week.

This year I started to run yoga workshops based around each Chakra, or energy centre, in our body. This has been really fun exploring each of them and bringing elements of my Reiki and life coaching to the sessions. When I run these I really feel “in the zone”, where I am completely lost in loving what I am doing. It’s such a wonderful feeling and I really recommend finding something that gets you into this place if you haven’t done it already.

Meeting Ben has been the icing on the cake to the great year I have had, and I am looking forward to seeing how my life evolves here over year 2!

All of this has come from living with Intention. I think this is a great explanation of intention from Deepak Chopra:

If you want something to grow stronger in your life, direct more of your attention to it. If you want something to diminish in your life, withdraw your attention from it. Intention, on the other hand, catalyzes the transformation of energy and information into new forms and expressions

Intention literally has the power to transform your life. Write your intentions down on post its, place them all over your home, set them as reminder on your phone and focus on being them right now.

I have an intention book where I write out my intentions like I already have them. I read them and meditate on them, but also release attachment to them. Rather than obsessing over how they will happen I just focus on what I want, bring that into how I am being in each moment and then trust it will happen when the time is right.

If you’d like to explore what can come out of living with intention I have created a eCourse which sets you, via email, a different intention every week. You’ll have the opportunity to create an overall intention for the 3 months but then the weekly intentions will give you a chance to play around with different ways of being towards achieving it. You can find out more about my Journey of Intention eCourse here.

Thank you for continuing on my journey with me, it’s so great to hear when people are reading this and getting some inspiration from it.

I went on a writer’s workshop with Hay House last week, my intention is to be published by them one day. So this blog will finally be turned into a book, even though the year long experience finished last year it feels right to have waited before starting to write it just yet.

My intention this week is PERSONAL POWER. I find myself giving my personal power away to others sometimes, these are the moments where I am not feeling strong in who I really am. I especially notice this being in a new relationship, the juggling of being yourself merging with someone else. Life can be so much simpler alone but so joyful when you can share it with another.  My intention of power is to maintain my truth, to be fully myself and be responsible for my own feelings in any situation.



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