Being in a Relationship

I went to title this post “being single” and then realised that is not the intention at all! After announcing a couple of weeks ago that I had joined a dating site I think it’s only about time I set my intention to “being in a relationship” don’t you?

I had an interesting realisation last week in that I see myself as a single person rather than someone who is the other half of a pair. Even more fascinating was when I shared this with a friend who turns out to be completely the opposite to me, always seeing himself in a relationship even when not. I am sure you can guess which one of us is in relationships more often!

The power of our thoughts never ceases to amaze me.

The thing is I am happy on my own, I am so independent and comfortable in my own company that I don’t feel I need anyone to complete my life. However, I do want to share my life with someone, I want that special connection and intimacy that you only get with someone you are completely in love with. I want to feel cared for and to have someone to care for. I am a nurturer at heart.

As I am writing this I am cringing right down to the tips of my toes. Sharing that I want to be in a relationship is way out of my comfort zone…..which of course suggests to me that it is a good thing to do!

Alongside this intention is “being open” and “going with the flow”. I don’t believe that relationships can be forced to happen and being open to the people that are coming into my life is, of course, important.

So there you go, my weekly confession……or should I say INTENTION! It’s definitely the kind of intention that needs to be released out to the universe, any attachment to the outcome dropped and to have faith it will happen when the time is right. 🙂

Bring it on!


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