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Breaking Down Barriers

This will be my last post from the sleepy village of Milford-on-Sea. What a wonderful nurturing, heart opening, spiritual time I have had here. I feel blessed to have been able to have the time to come back to my … Continue reading

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On The Move Again….

On 25th September I am moving to Brighton! To say I am excited is an understatement. The flat is exactly what I was looking for, in fact before I left for Brighton that day I wrote in my “Faith” book … Continue reading

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An Opportunity to Create

I had one of those moments around 4.30 this morning where blind panic sets in. Where you think what the hell am I doing, am I making right decision and what if it all goes wrong?! It reminded me a … Continue reading

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Dear India…..

Dear India, Thank You for being so welcoming and taking good care of me through out my travels and keeping me safe. Thank You for all the special people I have met here, especially Vicky she has been my angel. … Continue reading

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A Week of Raising My Vibrations

I can’t quite decide if the most surreal moment of the week was swimming like a fish standing up fully clothed in a room or flinging my self around in abandonment during a dance meditation class with 20 other strangers. What a … Continue reading

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On the Eve of My Rebirth……

I am a yoga teacher!!! I am so excited! It feels fantastic to have made it through the course, there were some hard parts, some exhausting parts but over all a lot of fun. Learning the Reiki whilst doing it … Continue reading

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What Is Next?!

My Journey of Intention is technically at an end! Last May I started my 12 months of intention setting to see what would happen if I gave my self a different focus each month, and what an amazing experiment it has been! … Continue reading

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The Power of Reiki

I thought I may have to give this weeks post a miss after being struck down by some weird illness for the past couple of days. One minute I was fine, feeling full of energy then yesterday morning I woke … Continue reading

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