Turning 40!

40 is fast approaching, just a week left of being in my 30s and I have to say I am excited. Turning 40 to me symbolises being in my power as a woman, acknowledging all I have learnt and achieved so far.

Reflecting on this I was going to write a letter to my younger self giving myself advice but actually thinking about it I wouldn’t have done anything different. I know I was a bit wild in my 20s and often feel like I wasted a lot of time in clubs/recovering from clubs but I believe that was all part of my journey.

My past; my heart breaks, my illness, my self destructing behaviour and beliefs all lead me to the path of personal development and spirituality. It all happened in it’s own perfect timing.

Maybe one thing I would share with my younger self is that thoughts create our reality. I never felt good enough and this led me to accepting treatment from others that wasn’t supportive for me. I felt I’d need to be drink to be the most fun version of myself. For years I lived into the belief I was a sickly child. For most of my life I didn’t sing believing I couldn’t!

Learning about intention, creating my vision, trusting it will flow when the time is right and until then being the best I can in each moment has been transformational.

Oh and perhaps one more thing……to trust my intuition. There have been so many times over the years when I have had a feeling about a person or situation and ignored it not wanting to believe it. Then later on wishing I’d just listened to my inner guidance system! Again though, it was all just part of my path.

I’ve loved my thirties and they say life just gets better as you get older. Well right now in this moment it certainly feels it’s the best it’s ever been!

My intention for my 40s? BE LOVE, BE PRESENT & BE COURAGE!



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