Turning Fear into an Adventure

photo (42)I was watching You Tube videos of Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations With God) yesterday and some of his thoughts about fear really stood out for me, which I’d like to share as I think fear is something we all experience sometimes.

We are only ever acting from a space of Love or Fear. When I really look into this I can see how true it is; love is your real essence and fear is just made up in the mind.

Fear is thinking we can’t have the thing we need, or that we will loose it. However, we do not need anything to experience our true self. All our joy and happiness comes from within.

Neale said “If you can call your fears ADVENTURE you will bring an energy that will heal the fear, the energy of excitement and being inspired by your life. If you live life full of inspiration and excitement there is nothing to fear”.

This reminds me of something Susan Jeffers taught, rather than “hoping” something will happen “wonder” instead. A simple switch of the language you use changes how you experience life unfolding. Wondering opens your mind up to possibilities as you watch the journey of your life unfold, rather than hoping which comes from fear based thinking.

Thinking about this I am setting my intention this week to have a LOVE ADVENTURE.

What does this mean for me?

  • Be present and consciously connect with my heart through out each day. Any time feelings of fear become present, bring it back to love.
  • Bring love to everything I do and every contact I have with others.
  • Explore new opportunities with excitement and inspiration.
  • Bring this into my yoga practice, explore what my body needs every day.

The reason I have been thinking about fear has come after my second healing session with the Slovenian Couple. One of the main things to come out of it was reconnection with my power and becoming an adult.

This might sound a little strange as I am already an adult at 37 years old but in many ways I have had a very childlike energy. People often mistake me for being a lot younger than I am which is lovely but I have so much experience, wisdom and knowledge in helping people to create change in their life through coaching, healing and yoga which doesn’t always come across to others.

Since seeing Matej and Mateja I have really been feeling my power and have started to invest even more in my business, Create Yourself, so that I can reach out to more people. I am passionate about helping people create change in their life, it’s not always easy to do it on your own, you can often be your own worst enemy, and this is where I can help support you to achieve it.

Running a business and living in a new place on my own does bring up occasional feelings of fear, it’s only natural, it’s what I do with the fear that is important. It’s currently giving me energy and inspiration rather than holding me back. I actually like feeling out of my comfort zone, it means I am growing!

They also healed me around my connection with animals and my pet allergy. Surprisingly my allergy was my body protecting me from loving animals too much, and being an old lady in a house with ten cats! This may sound strange but I have often cried about missing my cat, or the cats at the cat home I visit who all need homes. Any action coming from pain like this is not healthy for myself or others.  So my love of animals has been restored to a healthy one, I have already noticed the difference after visiting the lost cats last week…..no tears afterwards at all! 🙂


I have started a GRATITUDE and ABUNDANCE jar, every day when I notice either of these I write it down on a bit of paper and put it into the jar. It’s a new take on a gratitude journal which, to be honest, can sometimes be forgotten about. The jar is on display and at any time I can dip into it to remind myself of everything that comes into my life. Love it! Thank you to yoga teacher Kirsty Gallagher for the inspiration.

To finish with I’d just like to mention something about synchronicity, how people and events happen in our lives seemingly by coincidence but I don’t really believe it is that. There have been times in my life when people have appeared and triggered a new path for me. Events have come up out of the blue that have blown me away and whilst I could never have imagined them they have always been just what I needed right then.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been very much aware of the power of synchronicity and how it gives you faith that there is always something new, good, exciting, an adventure to be had just around the corner. Even if you just can’t see it yet!

Wishing you all a love filled ADVENTURE this week!!!


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