A few ideas for the month ahead

I have been loving doing some art every day, I actually still quite believe I have done some and it is not too horrendous!! For the past 3 nights since starting the challenge instead of watching TV I have poured a nice glass of wine and sat down to draw. (Picture 2 to the left!). It’s been really lovely to get into the zone of creating a picture, it’s almost like a meditation as you really have no room to think of anything else whilst doing it!

I am not sure how I will go carrying on with it every day, I often get very excited at the beginning of a project and then manage to some how get side tracked! I am determined though to keep my intention of being creative fully until the end of May, so I have been thinking of a few other things I can do to unlock my creativity and get those juices flowing.

There is a great book called the Artists Way by Julia Cameron which is all about unlocking creativity. Julia suggests writing morning pages every day, 3 sides of A4 of just what ever comes to your head so I am going to give this ago before I get up each morning. ¬†Another exercise she gives is to take yourself on an “Artist’s Date” each month/week where you do something that makes you smile, is fun to you. ¬†This week I am going to to the Tate Modern on Sunday to get some inspiration, I love it there and have not been for a few years.

Finally, I am going to write a book! Yes, it could be a bit of a challenge to do in a month but I have had an idea for a book of short stories in my mind for a few years now and I think this could be the perfect time to get started on it. Eeek! This does sound a little daunting along with all the art every day but if I am going to be fully creative all month I might as well go for it 100%.

I’d love to hear what you like to do to be creative? No matter how small! Creativity spans across so many different areas I’d be really interested in hearing what you like to do.


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