A Very Successful Graffiti Hunt!

I have had a very fun few days within my intention of being Creative! After last weeks visit to Tate Modern and having a think about what type of art really inspires me, graffiti, I got the chance to go to see the street dance act Flawless who were runners up  in Britain’s Got Talent a  few years ago. They were absolutely AMAZING!!! I was transfixed from start to finish and really didn’t want the show to end. I love watching street dance so much, the dancing is so clever and the funky music is right up my street. They are only on in the West end until 28th May so if you get the chance and like that kind of thing I really recommend it.

On Friday I met my uncle, who was in London for a couple of days, at the Royal Academy on Piccadilly. I think I have got my travelling bug from him, he retired when he was about 50 and has been living abroad and travelling ever since. He is now 72. I want the life he lives!! I had a great time meeting up with him and his wife Cynthia last year in Cambodia and hopefully I will be seeing them in India later in the year. At the RA I particularly liked the work of Ivor Abrahams, intense colours definitely catch my eye.

Yesterday I went on my graffiti hunt in East London, it was so much fun! Old Street area really is just like one big open art gallery and it’s so buzzy on a Sunday. Plus it felt great to be out and about on a Sunday doing something different. I will leave you with the pictures I took:














































And my favourite:

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