Coronation Street & Anita Moorjani


I can’t believe I am about to write about a soap opera in my blog but last night Coronation Street hit my emotions so much I spent the rest of the night dreaming about it!

Last night the character Hayley, who was suffering from cancer, took her life. She had been told she did not have long to live and she didn’t want to get to the stage where she wasn’t in control of her self any more. Her husband Roy disagreed with her decision but went along with it to support her, she died in his arms  much to his heart break.

It filled me with sadness because at the point she decided to die she was still able to get up, see her friends, laugh and even iron Roy’s best shirt for her funeral. She was still alive in every sense. It saddened me because she was told by the doctors she did not have long to live, she chose to believe this and planned from that moment to end it even sooner.

Now I have never experienced cancer but I am aware of the power of your thoughts. I also know this is a fictitious story but I am also aware it has the potential, like media does, to inspire others to do the same.

I have written about Anita Moorjani before but I felt this was a good time to bring her up again. She was also told she was dying of cancer, in fact she did for a few moments and had a near death experience that taught her how fear had created her illness and how love would cure it. She chose to come back to this life and her life threatening cancer healed within a few weeks. She has written a book, Dying To Be Me, about what she learned and now travels the world sharing her story to inspire others.

There are lots of great interviews with her on You Tube, for example this one. I really recommend listening to her story, learning from her and sharing it with others.

Always choose love over fear.

Namaste x

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