Be Still & Arrive

sunriseA lot of my life I have wanted to be somewhere else.

After spending a year in Australia after University I longed to live in Sydney for many years.

After months exploring South East Asia, I craved being back there.

After spending a few weeks in India in my early twenties I longed to return there for a good few months to really explore all that amazing country has to offer.

Once I discovered my love of Brighton in my 30s I then longed to live here, hating to have to leave to go back to London after fun days by the beach.

It’s not just being in hot places, there have been times when I’ve spent time wanting to be out of situations too, for example in jobs I didn’t enjoy any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I have achieved all of this bar relocation to Sydney. Most winters I have escaped to spend wonderful times in Asia, elsewhere around the World, and of course now I am living in Hove. It’s great to have dreams, goals, and to fulfil them. I will always love travelling and I will always do it.

If there is a situation in your life you don’t feel fulfilled and nourished in then it’s so important to make those changes, no matter how scary it might feel.

What I have realised though is that I feel I have arrived in this moment. Living in Hove is where I am meant to be right now and it feels good. This is quite a feat for me in February, which is my least favourite month and the one I usually want to escape from the most.

The feeling of always wanting to be somewhere different to where I am can be quite exhausting! ┬áIt also takes my mind away from the present moment. Maybe that’s why I love travel so much because when I am on a hot beach I don’t want to be anywhere else. Still when I am away I can often catch myself wondering where to go next on my journey.

It’s not just being in other locations though, just yesterday I noticed how much I fill my days. There are always things to do, books to read, places to go, things to watch, people to chat to and so on. I stopped my self in the afternoon and just sat in stillness. Unless purposely meditating or doing yoga I rarely just sit down and do nothing. To just arrive.

If you relate to this at all have a look at what it might feel to to arrive where ever you are right now. To be in the present moment.

In yoga, you’ll often hear teachers saying at the beginning of a class something like “take a moment to arrive on your mat”. This is exactly what I am talking about. Bringing your mind into the stillness of your body in the moment.

When people come into a yoga class they may have just left work, they may have had to rush to get there, they might be in the middle of a conflict or situation out side of the yoga studio that is consuming their mind. A yoga session is a chance to leave all that outside and just be with yourself in the moment.

As always yoga can be translated into your life off the mat.

So what does it mean to you to arrive?

How would it be to arrive where ever you are right now?

Be still and arrive.






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