What a summer!12011150_10153003641926854_2281817563520117346_n

7 festivals; Yoga/ Buddhist and Christian, and Camp Bestival

Teaching yoga at 2 of them; Camp Bestival and Into the Wild

2 full workshops in Brighton

I ran my first retreat abroad in Turkey

Plus I turned 40!

As we reach the Autumn Equinox, a time of balance between light and dark, I am feeling the pull myself of needing to rebalance.

I have pushed my comfort zone this summer, I’ve done things that scare me a little, which I know is always great for me to develop further. Courage requires energy though. Stepping up, ignoring the fearful feelings and going for it anyway.

Right now on this Autumnal Equinox I am feeling the need for the intention of balance. Time to stop. Time to reflect on all I have achieved. Time to acknowledge myself and give myself a rest.

I know if I do this my energy will return in no time, as opposed to ignoring the pull to stop and charging ahead anyway. Which usually results in my getting ill and being forced to stop!


Where are you out of balance in your life?

Are there any areas that feel darker than light?

What do you need to do to bring your body, mind and Spirit back to balance?

Love yourself enough to listen and do what you need.





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