Beat the holiday blues, Synchronicity and Mooji

My feet have barely touched the ground this week, there’s been no chance of sitting around feeling sorry for myself missing Ibiza! I’ve played the game of doing holiday things each day and it’s certainly helped to beat the holiday blues. I’ve read my book in the sunshine, been out for nice meals to new restaurants, had fun with friends and downloaded some great songs to dance to on the tube, the only way to make rush hour enjoyable! Above all I have just allowed myself to be in the flow and have continued to be spontaneous.

I met up with a good friend in the week for a quick drink after work, to my delight she told me she has been doing my journey of intention too! So naturally we couldn’t just leave it as one drink…..we had to go play! We ended up scouring the streets of Hoxton for fun and ended up at a burlesque cabaret night in McQueen’s.

It was full moon on Monday, which is a great time to think about what you want and focus on manifesting it in your life. I said I would like to hear about a work project in the Caribbean I have been waiting over 2 months to be confirmed…..and on Friday I found out it’s happening!!!! I will be going there in December and possibly next Spring to run a De-Tech holiday, where people switch of their smart phones and allow themselves to let go of the world back home. So now my India trip will now happen around the Caribbean, I am too excited for words!!

When life flows like this, when things simply slot into place in line with what your intention and purpose is, this the power of synchronicity. I went to an Inner Space talk on this on Friday evening, it was great. Things that stop this flow are;

1) Resistance; not wanting change, making excuses, just wanting things to stay the same.

2) Need for control; planning too much, not being flexible and getting upset when things don’t go the way we planned.

3) Expectations; when we put expectations on others or situations we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Learning to be stable within uncertainty is the key, it’s with in uncertainty that we grow, we learn and we develop new qualities.

This weekend I have attended Satsang with Mooji, if you have not heard of him I really recommend watching some of his videos. He is a lovely Jamaican man who has had a fascinating spiritual journey which took him to India to learn from masters, you can read all about his journey and what he does here. At Satsang Mooji invites people up to the stage with him to ask him questions about life. The main message I have received from his speaking it a reminder that “you are not your mind”, be the observer but don’t give energy to those negative thoughts that upset you or hold you back…..those thoughts are not you. The real you is the pure higher self which is the real you and just is. There is no where to be, nothing to do, no good or bad, wrong or right, it just is. Any time you feel like “I need to be special” “I need to be unique” this is all ego, just be yourself that is perfect in itself. Be present in the moment, that is where the magic happens, do not waste your energy worrying about the future or trying to work out the past.

I am off to work in Bournemouth now for a few days doing style consultations at a conference there. I am really looking forward to some play time by the beach, I might even make a sand castle!

Have a fun week.




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