The Power of Intention!

IMG_474721st December 2014 – my intention written in my intention book

I am love, I am surrounded by love. I am in a healthy loving committed relationship. I am with a man who loves me just for being me. I share myself fully with him. He makes me feel loved just as I make him feel loved. We share everything with each other.


22nd December 2015

I am ENGAGED to this man 🙂

How amazing that my intention has come completely true within 1 year.

I hadn’t met Neil when I wrote that on 21st December 2014, but did just a few hours later. On the Winter and Summer solstice I like to take time to write my intentions, what I’d like to create in my life, in my special book. It’s really interesting to look back over it and see what has manifested in my life. Writing them down is a way for me to let them go. I know the risk of getting too attached to creating something in your life, getting desperate to make it happen can only push what you really want away. So I write it down, let it go and just focus on “being” what i’d like to manifest. In this case, being love.

I’m sharing this with you to demonstrate the power of intention! We’re coming up to a New Year, what would you like to create? Write it down (in the positive, rather than what you don’t want) and then ask yourself:

How will I be being when I have that in my life?

Then set that way of being as your intention. Every day focus on being that way. For example: being happy, being courageous, being creative, being present, being love.

One of my favourite quotes is by George Bernard Shaw – “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. Go create!

If you’d like some help and inspiration to kick off the New Year, I am running a 2 day workshop in Brighton called The Power to Create. The 2 days will include; yoga, meditation, visioning, journaling, life coaching and sound healing. To find out more see my Create Yourself site.


Louise xx


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