Be Present & Have Faith

flagI’ve been noticing a bit of a theme on Facebook over the past few days, that people seem to be having a bit of an emotional time right now. People’s posts have been reporting that they are feeling a bit lost, blue or facing some kind of challenge.

I have to admit I have been feeling the same over the past week. I’ve been blaming the moon! The full moon has a tendency to make me feel emotional even when there isn’t really anything to be emotional about.

I also think it’s the time of year, unless you’ve managed to escape to the sunshine February can often be a little depressing.

If you have been experiencing these waves of emotion too, please know that you are not alone.

What comforts me in times like this is that everything will pass. Just like the stormy weather last week and the beautiful sunshine we have had since. The sunshine will always come out in the end.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy. Through my tough times I have learnt to have faith in a power much bigger than me. I’ve learnt that I have peace, contentment and love with in me, I just need to be still and close my eyes to connect with it.

I’ve learnt that walking in nature helps to get things in to perspective and calms the mind.

I am aware that there are a lot more people far worse off than me and if I extend my love outside of myself to others it helps us all.

I’ve learnt that sometimes I just need a day to focus on me, to do what ever I feel like doing and to pamper myself a bit. Taking time out from all my to do list to this will help me to be more productive and creative in the end.

When it all comes down to it though anything that helps you to be in the moment right now will help. Most upset comes from the thinking about the past or worrying what may or may not happen the future. Something that helps me is to ask myself:

What am I grateful for right now?

So in this stormy weather of emotions my intention is to BE PRESENT & HAVE FAITH. To continually bring myself back to this moment when ever I find my mind wandering off (for me it’s into the future) and have faith that I am being looked after.

A great affirmation for this from Deepak Chopra is:

As I live in present moment awareness I live in the magic of syncronicity

I really find that Child’s pose helps with this feeling of being in the moment and surrendering to a power much higher than ourselves. Just kneeling, sitting back towards your heels, resting your forehead on the floor, hands by your feet, breathing deeply and letting go. Aaaahhhhhh.



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