Be The Goal

photo (48)I went to my first life drawing class in about 20 years last weekend! Wow that makes me feel old writing that. I found experience was so much more than just an art class.

Personally it was more of a practice of detachment to outcome. I think because it’s been so long since I have done anything like this I had no expectations, I didn’t really care what my drawings turned out like. Even so it was fascinating to notice the fluctuations of my mind between being pleased with what I had done to wanting to give up and go home in a childish strop.

As  much as I didn’t care, I obviously did a little bit. It was interesting to notice the levels of attachment around the room, the self criticism people gave themselves when they were miles ahead of what I was doing.

The thing I love about art is that it is so subjective, during my month of being creative I spent time reacquainting my self with art galleries and the big learning from that was that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s what speaks to you. The Tate Modern is full of stuff that I would not even spend more than a second glancing at but yet for some people they will be magnificent works of art.

What I also enjoyed about the art class was the fact it was a grey day outside and the teacher played lovely music you could imagine being sound tracks to old black and white films. I felt like I had stepped into a warm little cocoon of nostalgia and creativity.

Another successful Artist’s Date! The next one is in July…..a paddle boarding class, slightly different.

I read a brilliant description of intention the other day by Robert Holden, that it’s basically being the goal. What ever you want to create in your life, it’s being that. Robert writes the following:

Today be what you want.

If you want love, be loving.

If you want peace, be peaceful.

If you want fun, be funny.

If you want new, be different.

If you want adventure, be open.

If you want success, be alive.

If you want joy, be kind.

Be what you want!

Out of my year long journey of intention which has extended into my every day life I have created an e-course to help you experience the power of living with intention. Every week, for 3 months, I will send you an email setting an intention for the week. A few days later you will receive an affirmation to help keep it in mind.

Where ever you place your attention that area grows. Where you place your intention it can transform. It can create how you are being through out your day.

You’ll have an opportunity at the beginning of the course to create your overall intention for the 3 months, then the weekly ones will help you to play around with different ways of being to help you create it. It’s fun!

I have been running an special offer in June which is about to expire on Sunday. Instead of £98 for the 3 months, it’s only £1o a month! That’s £3o in total!

If you’d like to take advantage of this great bargain please click on the buy now link on this page.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

Namaste xx

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