The big Why……and how it gives power to your intentions.


I’ve just got back from the depths of the Sussex countryside, leading an Adventure Yogi retreat on a farm over the New Year. It was a really special time of honouring the year we’ve just had and setting intentions for 2018, through silence, yoga, self reflection and vision board making.



My intentions for this year are:

  • I meditate daily
  • I do exercise that makes me sweat 4 times a week
  • I practice yoga 6 times a week
  • I eat foods that are kind to my tummy and maintain my energy levels
  • I go outdoors daily
  • Neil and I find a property to buy that we both love
  • I run successful Yin Teacher Trainings
  • My Kerala retreat is magical, I run inspiring yoga sessions, workshops and we go on beautiful adventures
  • I only do things that light me up and inspire me

My affirmations to support this are;

I am healthy and full of energy

I am loving awareness

I share from my heart

I choose joy

I make time for those I love

Now it’s all good to have intentions but I think for them to become reality there needs to be a clear, WHY you want to create them in your life?

My Why is that 2017 was super busy for me and some of the work I was doing wasn’t completely lighting me up but taking up time even so. This then had a snow ball effect with my energy levels, health and not being able to spend as much time as I want to with those I love. Whilst I practice yoga daily I had stopped moving so much in other ways like dance, running and I haven’t been to an exercise class for years! This year I feel like mixing it all up, still practicing my yoga but I want to move in different ways too and get my heart pounding so I have energy and health for all I want to do this year!

Another big why is my digestion has been messed up, since becoming veggie 6 years ago I have been finding new ways to eat and recently I keep getting so bloated and uncomfortable, which effects my energy and mood too. So 2018 is the time to get my tummy sorted so I feel light and full of energy again. Digestive problems also have an impact on being in your power, as our solar plexus is our centre for our personal power, so I want to make sure my energy is always flowing through here for all I want to be and do in this life.

I want to meditate daily because I want to remember who I really am daily, that is presence, peace, love and connected to the Divine. When I do this I trust the inner knowing that arises from within, I feel guided and at peace.

Human beings are driven by pleasure and pain; if the pain of not meeting your intentions is great enough and the pleasure of manifesting them is amazing enough then you’ll do anything to make them happen.

…..and then of course there is T R U S T, that it is all flowing perfectly and if we can just be as present as possible, learn along the way, be kind to ourselves and each other, then it’s all perfect anyway.

Lots of love

Louise xxx

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