Breaking Down Barriers

This will be my last post from the sleepy village of Milford-on-Sea. What a wonderful nurturing, heart opening, spiritual time I have had here. I feel blessed to have been able to have the time to come back to my roots, to spend lots of time with my family and friends, plus having the space to create my business moving forward.

The past couple of weeks have been full of decisions from what type of bed to buy to choosing a new logo for the business. Where as previously I have been very impulsive this time I have taken it more slowly. It’s been interesting to notice what happens when I do this, often my initial choice has changed as the thought has sunken in more. Where I have got really stuck I have flipped a coin and noticed my reaction, this really does help!

My connection to Reiki is deepening, I have started to meditate and say the 5 precepts to myself every morning. They are a great way to start the day so I thought I would share them here incase you fancy using them too!

1) Just for today I will not anger

2) Just for today I will not worry

3) Just for today I will be humble

4) Just for today I will do my work honestly

5) Just for today I will be compassionate to myself and others

Things seem to be falling into place with the yoga as well. I have found two possible places to teach in when I get to Brighton, I am going to meet one of them when I get there and the other has sent me through what time slots are available. I just have to choose which time to try out, another decision…..

I have become a member of Yoga Alliance UK which I feel is important to give my clients peace of mind that I am teaching under certain standards and am fully insured. Plus it has created a shift in my to actually feel like a yoga teacher now, I am ready and raring to go!

I went to another ecstatic dance type thing on Monday evening called Biodanza which means dance of life. It was quite similar to the AUM meditation session I did in India, each dance had a different focus although this was more playful, more connected to each other and we were not allowed to speak. I did smile to myself on a few occasions wondering what it would be like to be looking in on us all prancing around like ballerinas, grounding ourselves by stomping to tribal rhythms and holding hands gazing into each others eyes like lovers.

I am not sure if it was the angel Reiki session I had just had or simply the space I am in but  I found it easier to just drop my barriers and just be whilst staring into a strangers eyes. I am not going to lie, it did feel quite cringey and there were moments when I just wanted to sit it out but once I got into it it was pretty intense but lovely.

These kind of dance sessions can be confronting but also wonderfully energising and heart opening. They are great for any confidence issues as they help you to break down your barriers and just be who you really are. Plus they are fun, dancing with abandon not caring what you look like! I will definitely be carrying on with them when I am in Brighton.

Something else quite momentous for me has happened in that I have come to the conclusion I believe that Jesus did exist and I am in the process of learning his lessons on how to live life. It’s been an interesting journey for me as I quite easily believe that Buddha existed and have really enjoyed learning more about Buddhism. However with Christianity I have so many blocks from childhood, school, religious parents, what society thinks and so on. It’s almost like its more acceptable in society to follow Buddhism, Hinduism and so on but there are so many hang ups about Christianity. The more I meet people who do though the more I see it’s perfectly OK, they have such a great outlook on life and are so open and loving. This can’t be a bad thing!

This new revelation makes me think of that meditation session I went to just after I returned from India where the lady prayed for me and told me about her vision of me hanging out in a beautiful garden getting to know Jesus. I think this is partly what all this time in Milford-on-Sea has been about.

So now I am off again on my new adventure, full of my intentions that I set back in India. I am still reading them regularly and each day they are slowly falling into place, bit by bit. It’s all very exciting watching life unfold.

Thank you for coming on the journey with me.



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