Breaking Habits

My intention for June is to “Do Things Differently”. I read an article a year or so ago in Elle magazine where the journalist, Hannah Borno, was discussing how habits make up about 95% of our behaviour. This means that most of the time our brains are functioning on auto pilot so we are not fully using them creatively, it’s almost like we are walking around half asleep!

I got thinking about this and realised how true it is, from sleeping the same way in our beds,  eating the same food, going to the same places, doing the same exercise routines, reading the same kind of books, watching the same TV programmes, wearing the same style or “look” of clothes, morning cups of tea or coffee and afternoon chocolate snacks, the list can go on and on……..

So my intention for June is to break this, any time I go to do something I normally do I will do something new or different.

I started this on 1st June and I have got to admit it hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be! It just so happened to coincide with a week of not feeling so great in myself where all I have wanted is comfort and to runaway to hide from everything. I didn’t really feel like being creative or doing new things, I just wanted things that were familiar and comforting to me. However…..with my British bull dog determination I was not going to let this ruin my first week of June’s intention!!! When I did force myself to break my habits I felt uplifted every time, it was fun trying new things and very satisfying. It actually helped me to get out of my comfort zone and to cheer myself up. Following are a few of the things I have done differently this week;

  1. I asked my flat mate to write my food shopping list for me and to only put recipes I have never made before (she loves doing this!)
  2. I then meal out of some of the ingredients but didn’t follow her recipe in the end and made something up instead!!! (I will follow it next week though as does look yummy!)
  3. I took the day off to spend a day in London with my Mum, something I have not done in years. We went into St Paul’s and visited The Wallace Collection, two places I have never been.
  4. I went out for 3 meals and each time ordered something I had never tried before. This was hard, I realise I am such a creature of habit with the food I like and always want to make sure I enjoy it when I am out so want to avoid feeling disappointment if i don’t like it. However the meals were delicious, and healthier than I would normally go for!
  5. I had a night out to a bar/club I had never been to before but have wanted to try for a couple years, The Grand Union in Brixton. We had the best time!!!! I think it might be my new favourite bar now!
  6. When going out I ordered drinks I don’t usually drink….amongst quite a few I had a nice refreshing glass of cider in the sunshine and a rather sickly strawberry cocktail in Grand Union (note to self; do not order that again!).
  7. I bought a new breakfast cereal, which was delicious and has been consumed rather too quickly.
  8. I walked the alternative route to the tube rather than my every day walk.
  9. Instead of checking my emails as soon as I got out of bed I sat in the garden and ate my new breakfast whilst enjoying the sunshine.
  10. Finally I have booked a new hairdresser in a couple of weeks, I have had the same person for 7 years. I love him, he is the best and it’s very hard to try someone else… we will see how it goes!

I want to up my game this week, I haven’t worked out what I am going to do yet but I want to plan something totally different. If you have any suggestions for me please let me know!!

Finally I am going to leave you with a photo of the side of a house in Brixton just round the corner from the Grand Union, I think it’s pretty amazing!


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