Remember to Breathe

Please forgive me for last weeks missing blog post, if you are in UK you will have enjoyed the mini heatwave we had, a very welcome break from all the rain! Well it was also my birthday so the week before I had been focusing on how lovely and sunny it would be for that and funnily enough it was :-). The Power of Intention is amazing! So my week was spent with friends on the beach making the most of the sunshine. Vicky, who you may remember I met in India, came to stay and it was brilliant to carry on where we left off.

That’s not very productive I hear you cry?! Or is that my conscience speaking…..

In actual fact it feels like it has totally got me back on track. I have taught 2 yoga classes since I last wrote, have healed Vicky’s back with Reiki and I had a brilliant NLP coaching session where I helped someone over come their fear of public speaking, I’ve stuck to my action plan and have even started my book. You see sometimes when you don’t try so hard stuff just happens…..

I have been focusing on grounding my self as well, I think coming back to UK with all the stuff I need to do swimming round my head my energy has been a bit scattered. I’ve had so much to do that I haven’t known where to start first. So I have been doing the following mediation daily and I really feel like it’s helped:

Stand barefoot, feet parallel, hip width part, out side if possible. Eyes closed.

As you inhale slowly and deeply imagine you are drawing the energy from the earth up to your stomach, your life centre.

As you exhale feel the earth’s energy, gravity pulling you down.

Repeat this slowly ten or more times.

Through out the day when I feel my breath quickening, my thoughts start to pick up pace I have consciously slowed my breath down.

As a result I have been much calmer and more centred. Another reason why maybe I have been a bit more constructive recently.

Your breath is your life energy, it has an impact on your mind and how you feel physically. After all when we stop breathing, we die, that is how important it is. Breathing properly can provide you with all the energy you need through your day to day life. There are yogic breathing techniques that will balance your mind, warm you up, cool you down, act like a blast of caffeine, quiet your mind and even tone your stomach.

How conscious are you of your breath? So often we are breathing quickly and shallowly into our chests not slowly deep into our stomachs as is good for you. Sometimes its easy to be so busy that you actually can find yourself forgetting to breathe! The animals that breathe really slowly like elephants live for many more years compared to the ones that breath quickly like dogs. This is one of the reason yogi’s place so much importance on the breath, as well as all the other benefits you get from proper breathing.

Your thoughts are connected to your breathing, when your mind is racing your breathing will be fast and shallow. When you calm your breath down your thoughts also slow down. Holding your breath for a few seconds, actually totally stops the thoughts from coming and allows you to experience silence within.

Allowing yourself time to mediate and to breath consciously really does have an effect on how you feel. It might require a lot of discipline to do it each day but you really do feel the benefits.


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