You Can’t Superimpose Yesterday on Today

I feel like I have just left the world in Avatar! The ashram was just so beautiful, so lush and green, full of brightly coloured flowers and butterflies.  We would hear the lions roaring from across the lake and all sorts of different birds singing their little hearts out.

The photo to the left is of a lake we walked to in silent meditation one morning and then watched the sunrise. It was so amazing! We also walked there one night and sat under the full moon.

I went to the same Sivanader ashram last year and had a brilliant time, I met some really lovely friends there and returning back there this year was exciting but at first a little strange. I was missing the people I met before and comparing the experience a bit. However this stay there was just as perfect as last year, same but completely different.

Being there a year later after all the changes I have made in my life was so perfect to take the chance to reflect on it all. Again I met some really great people and amongst all the yoga, meditation and chanting we had a lot of fun, and lots of laughs.

A quote I read whilst I was there included “You can’t superimpose yesterday on today”, it was perfect for me right then and I let go of all comparisons to my experience there last year. So often we try to recreate good times in the past, but each experience is fresh, there are new lessons to be learnt, new people to meet and new journeys to go on.

Going there with my intention of courage led me to trying yoga postures I have always just said to myself “I can’t do that” and not even tried. My yoga has improved so much with putting any “can’ts” aside, I have finally managed to putting my legs behind my head with toes on the floor in the Plough, got myself up in a Wheel and wait for it……I have balanced on my head for a few seconds on my own! Give me a few more weeks and it will be a couple of minutes! 🙂

They call the headstand the King of Asana’s and saying as much as it is about balance it is also about courage as there is the fear of falling backwards. I have fallen back 3 times now and know it’s ok!

This is one of the reasons I love yoga so much, it’s not just about the postures, it challenges your mind and your fears as well.

Something amazing and very sweet happened whilst I was there. One day I kept thinking about my cat, Fluff, back at home. I was really missing her. That evening I was serving the dinner to people (that was my Karma yoga/job in the ashram) and a little kitten came in, I stroked her and she immediately jumped on my lap and started to purr. I was asked to take her outside as there was food around and so I thought to myself I must go find her later to have some “cat time”! I didn’t get a chance and went of to bed. About 2am I woke for no reason and sat up, there was the little cat by my bed!!! So I scooped her up and put her in my bed, she curled up next to me and went to sleep. It was so cute and just what I needed whilst missing Fluff.

So she was my little friend for the last few days, she came and sat on my lap after breakfast for about an hour each day. I was told her name was Twinkle Twinkle, bless 🙂

That was just one example of things coming to me that I wished for whilst there. Since saying to myself “The Universe/God will provide me with what I need” things have been happening to me just after I have thought of them! Just little things like when I went to get my Karma yoga job I hoped I would get to serve the dinner (so I could check out which meals had nuts in) and they gave me that. I hoped one afternoon there would be biscuits with the tea, there was usually fruit, and there was! Like I said just little things but I have been noticing them every day, it is strengthening my belief in it daily.

My stay at the ashram has totally go me in the right mind set to go off on my adventure now. I am back at the beach today and going out for dinner tonight with a fab girl called Vicky who I met there, she is out here until May so I am sure our paths will cross again after here. I am leaving on Friday so start my journey into the unknown, next stop is Munnar in the mountains to see all the tea plantations. I’ll write about that next week.

If you are doing my journey of intention with me, I’d love to hear your experiences of the intentions as well so please do comment! Thank you 🙂

Lots of love xxx

Twinkle Twinkle!

The Scorpion, the next stage after a headstand!


The lake we could swim in each day, so lovely!

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