A Christmas Intention

2011-12-17 23.19.14As we silently moved into December on Saturday night the Christmas period suddenly became alive, every where I went yesterday was full of festive cheer! From Tesco’s blaring out “Merry Christmas Everyone!” to a fun afternoon at a Christmas party in a big tipee on Brighton beach.

I love this time of year, actually it’s the only few weeks of winter I can say I really enjoy. Beyond January I am counting down the days to summer and escaping off to a warmer clime when I can. There’s just an excitement in the air, I love the lights, the smell of mulled wine and a crackling fire. Overall though it’s such a great time to connect with friends and family, not that this doesn’t happen through out the year but people seem to make an extra effort to do so.

Whilst sitting here listening to my Christmas Spotify playlist (do love Spotify!) I suddenly realised, it’s a great time to create an intention for the month ahead. A Christmas intention! What do I really want to experience this month?

I went to a lovely yoga Satsang last week with Rev Padma Priya, who spoke about when you relax in life you allow God/ The Universe/ High Consciousness (you choose your word) to work through you. By relaxing and being open, you are ready to receive what is the highest good for your life. It may be unexpected, and sometimes feel unwanted, but it is always going to be for a higher purpose and what is best for you.

I know from experience when I relax and let go, stuff starts to happen. It’s so easy to forget that though, when I have a million ideas of things to do!

Padma Priya used the analogy of God, The Creator, needing a pen to create something. Which pen would it choose;

  • The pen that doesn’t work, never has and never will
  • The pen that stops and starts
  • The pen that just flows, has the perfect nib and when ever you pick it up to use it the ink runs smoothly
  • Or the pen that thinks it knows what is best, you try to write one thing but it will write what ever it chooses, it has a mind of it’s own.

Which pen do you think?

Working for myself often leads me down the path of being very busy making things happen. I think I would probably be like the pen that thinks I know what is best!

Yoga definitely helps with this, it causes me to be still, go within, connect with my higher self and be present. I am grateful to have this practice to come back to every day, when ever I need it.

So back to my Christmas intention. This Christmas I am LOVE & CREATIVITY.

What does this look like? Well I see it as taking all perceived pressure off, enjoying the moment, which I believe is needed to allow creativity to flow. You can not force creativity, it just flows naturally when you are having fun, and not thinking about it too much. Creativity is not just art, we are all creating our lives every day.  In this relaxed state I will be in an open space to be able to listen to my higher self and receptive to the unexpected that comes into my life that guides me to what I am led to create next in 2014.

I am going to be creative with my time, the gifts I give and maybe I will actually do a bit of art in some form. I find doing some art is like a meditation and it’s amazing what can come out of it. I did love my month of Being Creative back in May 2011.

Love is obviously in there as it’s my overall intention always, I actually believe it’s the true state of being for all of us, just sometimes we forget it.

I have learnt over the years that when you set an intention you won’t always know how it will happen and in what form, this is where being open to being guided comes in. Trusting if its for your highest good, you will be guided to ways that make it your reality maybe in a way you could never have imagined. Setting an intention causes the Universe to start to shift things in such a way to cause it to happen.

This feels like the perfect place to be as I move into 2014 and start to consider what my intention is for the New Year. This month I’ll be doing my review of 2013, something I always find so useful to reflect on what has gone well, what hasn’t and what I have learnt. I really believe there are no failures, only lessons that until you learn them situations will keep happening until you finally get it!

If you’d like some help with reviewing your year and creating your intention for 2014 I am running an offer at the moment for a 4 hour coaching session  to do just that! Please see my  Create Yourself website for more details.




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