Connecting to I AM

More and more my desire is to connect with “I am”, that is the feeling of presence, the feeling of just being, awareness of being part of this huge expansive unlimited energy that is all of us, all around us, in us and is Divine. It is Love.

I’ve experienced recently a craving, a yearning to connect with it more,  to feel it more and I’ve been feeling like I have to go somewhere to get that or find it in a book. When it’s in me all along and all I have to do is just sit. Just be. Nothing to do but draw within and connect.

It’s amazing how the mind distracts, comes up with all reasons to fidget, to make tea, to sort out the washing, to check emails….

I know yoga helps me to connect with it, it is the first practice that has lead me to this place. I know going to Church, kirtan, sound baths, group meditations have all guided me there too. Sometimes it feels overwhelming with all that is on offer to help take me there, so many ways, so many tools…..but really it is quite simple. I just need to sit and be.

I believe this connection to I AM, is connection to our Source. To God. I don’t believe there is only one religion that is right, I find the “we’re the only way” creates more barriers to connect to Love.

When I am just being I feel Love, I feel an innate joy, I feel inspired, I feel peace, I feel I know all there is to know. It really feels quite simple…….and then the mind kicks in and distracts 🙂

The more I practice connecting the easier it gets to slip into presence. Just starting for a few minutes a time is enough but then noticing the tendency to think “oh I have got it now, I have connected, now I will make a cup of tea!”Allowing myself to bask in it for as long as I can….why rush out?

This is my intention this week; I AM.

Namaste xx


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