The Countdown is On!

My month of “being present” is drawing to an end, my next perfectly timed intention is “being courageous”…as I leave for India on to have an adventure on my own. I will be continuing with paying attention in the moment though as I let myself be guided through my trip.

Not making plans for it has been harder than I imagined, I keep flicking through my Lonely Planet guide getting carried away about all the places I want to see and then working out dates in my mind. I’m banning myself from looking at it now until I am sat with a cup of chai over looking the sea, in precisely 3 days time 🙂

Once I am out there I will have a think about “courageous” things I can do, I am sure I will be able to find a few things that scare me!

Just before I leave, here are a few of my top tips for being present:

  • Pay attention when you cook and eat your food. Prepare it with love and savour all the tastes and smells.
  • Light a candle and just watch the flame flicker.
  • If you are off worrying about something in the future, ask yourself “is there anything wrong right this second?”.
  • Spend some time outside and pay attention to everything around you, what you see, smell, hear and feel.
  • Switching off your phone & moving away from your laptop really does help you to be fully in the moment.
  • When you are catching up with a friend/partner practise actively listening to them, that is shutting out that little voice in your mind that is thinking about other things whilst they are speaking! A good trick to learn to do this is to listen hard enough that you could repeat back to them what they are saying and ask relevant questions, rather than just nodding your head.

Right I better get on with my packing! My next post will be from India! First stop is Varkala beach in Kerala (pic below) for a bit of relaxation and yoga. I am not sure if I will always be able to stick to Monday’s as I might not always have access to a computer but we will see what happens….


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