Create a day to remember for the rest of your life

My life has suddenly got insanely busy! So much so I have not had much time at all to actually “do” too much related to love. For example I want to go visit Tracey Emin’s Love is What You Want exhibition before it ends next Monday but I don’t I’ll be able to fit it in! However I have still had my intention in mind daily which has lead me still to be focusing on love. One thing I have really noticed is how quick it is to judge people, even just walking down Oxford St I found myself jumping to conclusions about the way people dressed or were behaving.  It’s awful and not very loving at all! Having the awareness though helps to notice it and let it go.

I discovered something lovely last week; Snailmymail It’s a community project where by you email them a message to someone, pick a doodle you would like and then they covert it in to a hand written note and post it to the person you have chosen. I have sent one to someone telling them how much they mean to me……the name will remain a secret as the letter has not arrived yet!

It made me think; I used to love writing letters, it’s just something we hardly do any more and that’s such a shame. When I go off travelling later this year I am going to make sure I go armed with an address book and will make time to write.

I was reading something in Psychologies magazine the other day about living in the moment and making the most out of your life. There was a really fantastic tip that I am going to take on; once a month create a memorable day, something that you will remember for the rest of you life. I LOVE this idea!!!! So I am really going to have a think about things I would love to do and make sure I plan something really special with people I love every month. It’s going to start this weekend, best friend from school days is coming to stay with me and we are going to have a posh night out! We are going to get dressed up, go to one of the hottest restaurants in London at the moment and then go to some swanky cocktail bar. I never do this, I am must more of a down the local pub kind of girl but it’s going to be super fun and having some proper catch up time with Vicky will be fab. To top it all off I am going to Nottinghill carnival on Sunday for lots of dancing. So I think in fact it’s going to be a whole weekend to remember!
I am still loving the Hot Power Yoga and I think a combination of that and my recent intentions have really opened up my heart. I just feel lighter, more care free and a sense of love for people. I am still reading Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie, in one entry she explains a beautiful visualisation for opening your heart; imagine a rose bud, as you want your heart to open visualise the rose bud opening into a beautiful vibrant flower. Any time you wish to retreat imagine it closing into a small bud again. It’s so simple but so beautiful and a lovely thing to imagine.
If you were to create a memorable day in the next month what would it be? I’d love to hear!
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