Cupcakes, Teenagers and Kindness

Oh my goodness me…..I have never eaten so much cake in one week! As part of my intention for being kind and also to be honest my curiosity of seeing how cupcakes are made on a large scale I went to help out for the day behind the scenes at Ella’s Bakehouse. They have a big kitchen in Battersea so I went along for 8am on rainy Thursday morning and helped them bake about 1000+ cakes for their store in Covent Garden and in Selfridge’s. I really had no idea how tiring it would be,  my only previous experience of making cakes being in my kitchen making a tray of 6! In my mind thought it would be more like a cake factory but they really do everything by hand and the icing really is an art form. It was fun though and I came home laden with many cakes, which lit up the eyes of various friends who popped over to see me at the weekend! It was great to be able to share them as they are such treats.

Top tip: I learnt is to brush your cakes with vanilla syrup twice after they come out of the oven before you ice them so they stay extra fresh and moist for longer.

My favourite flavours, after testing nearly every one (of course this had to be done) are Oreo and Lemon Rasberry……mmmmm. The malteser’s and red velvet are delicious too. I have now been “kind” to myself and booked myself into 30 days of hot yoga to burn off all those extra calories I must have put on!

On Wednesday I gave a talk to a group of teenagers who are currently doing a 6 week intern-ship at BNY Mellon. It’s part of a charity project who are helping young people from under privileged backgrounds to succeed in the workplace. So I volunteered my time to talk to them about how to dress for success, what is appropriate to wear in the work place and what is good personal grooming. I loved it. They were all so engaged and keen to learn. I really think I would enjoy doing more work with young people and am going to look out for more opportunities to do so.

In terms of my daily acts of kindness I have noticed it is hard to plan them, they just seem to evolve as you are out and about looking for opportunities to make them happen. Sometimes I noticed I had just been kind with out even thinking about it but as it is my intention I became aware of it afterwards. For example giving change to the homeless, spending time talking things through with someone who needs some help, giving people you don’t know compliments, giving your seat up on the tubes and so on.  These are all little things we do daily without necessarily thinking about them being an act of kindness, but they are.

I am also aware of the importance of being kind to yourself. How can you be kind to others if you are not even looking after you? On Friday I allowed myself a “sick” day as I was not well, often when I am ill I keep going and it just goes on longer than necessary so I just allowed myself to stop and have a lazy day. It felt naughty, which I know is crazy, but it was needed!

So what is in store for this week…..I really am not sure yet! I am looking for ways I can help others and already have a lunch booked in for tomorrow where I am going to help a friend bounce around business ideas and share what I have learnt so far regarding marketing. I am also going to look after myself diet wise and do lots of yoga to get my health back on track as I have a fun weekend planned so need to be well for that.

If I can help you at all, in any way, this week please do get in touch.


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