Curing Asthma and Creating Abundance

I am sat here writing this with a big ball of fluff by my side, my cat! I have been staying with her for 3 nights so far and only took my inhaler on the first night. I have not yet had a chance to have EFT to cure my allergy to cats but I think this is definitely progress!

I am finding it fascinating observing my mind, how it reacts when I feel tight of breath. The old feeling of panic initially hits when I become fearful that I can’t breathe. However then I manage to calm myself down, taking deep breaths and reminding myself I can. It’s amazing. This journey is one of my most illuminating and empowering to date.

I went to see a chiropractor at the weekend, whilst she was doing her initial assessment of me we got on to discussing how I am curing my asthma, she said she is always trying to persuade people to come off their steroid inhalers. She recommended me to take Omega 3 fish oil and also said balancing your blood sugar will help, apparently both of these things stop inflammation which is what asthma is all about. I found that interesting as I don’t drink so much any more but when I do have a bit I notice my breathing gets worse, perhaps it’s down to the high sugar in alcohol.

I have been participating in a Deepak Chopra 21 Day meditation challenge on creating abundance. (ABUNDANCE is my intention at the moment). It’s been wonderful and I highly recommend it. Since starting it I have received calls out of the blue with work I was not expecting! I think also to contribute to this is the Yoga Nidra practice I have started. Yoga Nidra, is “yogic sleep”, it’s a deep relaxation and meditation, where you consciously relax all parts of your body, focus on your intention and are guided through awakening your chakra’s. All this and daily prayer really has led me into a very relaxed and aware stare of mind, it’s brilliant!

It is widely known that it takes 21 days to build a new habit or way of thinking so this is why the Deepak meditation course is so good. After 3 weeks of doing it daily I am sure it will be much easier to continue with.

Today’s meditation is on conscious choice making, to quote Deepak Chopra:

When you make any choice—any choice at all—you can ask yourself whether the choice you’re making will bring happiness, or more abundance, to you and everyone around you. After posing this question, place your attention in your heart, and the answer will become clear to you. 

I have been reflecting on how I make my choices in life, most of the time it’s very spontaneous and down to how I am feeling at that moment. Especially with food. I have noticed recently that when I am feeling a bit out of sorts, I have been in pain with a shoulder injury, I want comfort food. I’ll buy more chocolate and crave things like cottage pie (veggie version now of course!). Every now and then I will ask myself which is better for my health to eat, but not always. Sometimes I just reach for the cake 🙂 Thinking about what the chiropractor told me about blood sugar though I am now going to cut out refined sugar, I’ve done it before and I felt great for it.

I will be running my sixth yoga class on Saturday, I am absolutely loving teaching. The class numbers are small but that’s perfect for now, it will grow over time. I love sharing the practice I love so much, sharing all I have learnt through my years as a life coach and life adventures and I love guiding them through Savasana at the end. It’s so rare that we stop and allow ourselves to fully relax.

So all in all life is pretty great at the moment! I still keep pinching myself when I look out of my window and see the sea, I am totally where I am meant to be right now.

I am looking to take on some new life coaching clients, I really feel passionate about helping people create a life they love too. I offer the first “creation session” for free, where we will work out an inspiring outcome for you and discuss how I can help you achieve it. Please do email me ([email protected]) if you would like to book one in. If you are not in Brighton we can do it over the phone and if you are not far I am happy to travel for further coaching sessions. Also a day trip to Brighton is fun, will get you out of your usual environment and the sea is a great medicine for helping you get things into perspective.

Namaste x

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