Dear India…..

Dear India,

Thank You for being so welcoming and taking good care of me through out my travels and keeping me safe.

Thank You for all the special people I have met here, especially Vicky she has been my angel.

Thank You for all the laughter, it truly is good for the soul.

Thank You for all the wonderful yoga teachers I have had the pleasure in meeting and  experiencing their classes, I feel excited and inspired now to start to share yoga with others myself.

Thank You for all your delicious food, I am hoping I don’t stink to much of curry when I get back to UK!

Thank You for your diversity, every place I have visited has been totally different from the last and awesome in every way.

Thank You for all the crazy, insightful, mind opening experiences I have had such as re birthing, AUM meditation, 5 Rhythms Dance, Vedic Astrology….to name but a few.

Thank You for leading me to Yakub at Kundalini for attuning me to Reiki, I am loving it every day. Also all the beautiful crystals he has in his shop, it was hard not to take all of them home.

Thank You for your lovely greetings, every time someone says Namaste or calls me Ji it makes my heart smile.

Thank You for introducing me to Javaid who reminded me what pure fully expressed love feels like.

Thank You to Vijay for turning me in to a yoga teacher and reminding me every day to “be a better person”.

Thank You for keeping me free of stepping in Cow poo, its everywhere and I am amazed I have not got a dirty foot 🙂

Thank You for all the bright colours and sequins everywhere, I think maybe I was Indian in a past life.

Thank You for the music, from the chanting to the Indian dance hits it’s been the perfect soundtrack to my journey.

Thank You for deepening my faith in God, I feel like this is only the beginning.

Thank You for opening me to trust myself and my intuition more.

Thank You for making me aware that I do not have to put up with having asthma and the intention now to cure it.

Thank You for keeping me free of any “sick experiences” on local buses, it seems they are quite common.

Thank You for all the inspiration to write this blog and the creative energy I have swelling up inside me to turn it into a book when I get home.

Thank You for being so unclear, never giving a straight answer, taking way to long to do seemingly quick things, but having a way of things always working out just perfectly.

Until the next time…….

I Love You



The River Ganges

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