December = Being Honest

I know Christmas always seems to come around so quickly but I can honestly say I can’t believe it’s December, where has the year gone?! This is the 8th month of my journey and my intention over the next few weeks is….being honest.

I’ve been having a bit of a think about what this means to me and what it might look like as I like to think I am already an honest person. I certainly say that honesty is one of my highest values. Although to be honest, I find sometimes telling someone how I really feel can be a bit scary and easy to just leave out. I have a great trick of talking myself out of the need to say anything, it’s really not that important….

I am not leading up to some grand gesture, there isn’t anyone I am secretly in love with (I wish!) or have any anger towards, I simply mean those little moments where you want to say something but can’t quite get it out.

Also as well as being honest with others it’s just as important and sometimes hard to be honest with your self. It’s so easy to put justifications, reasons and excuses in the way of what you really want or is good for you. We all have a desire to be right so sometimes we lie to ourselves to convince ourselves it’s ok. So I am going to take sometime to look at the aspects of my life honestly to see if there are any more shifts to be made. A perfect time to do just before the New Year.

I just started doing my NLP Practioner course yesterday, hence the slightly late posting of this entry. It’s something I have wanted to do for a few years to deepen my skills for coaching my clients. I am absolutely loving it, it’s so fantastic to be learning again. It’s taking me right back to studying psychology and college and uni. Yesterday guess what was one of the first things we covered…… intention!!!!

One theory behind NLP is that everyone works of their own map of the world, they see everything that happens to them and that is around them through their own filters of beliefs, values, past experiences and so on. One aspect of this is with language. A word does not mean anything until you add your meaning to it and this is why the things you say can be misinterpreted very easily if you are not careful, as meaning is all subjective. For example have you ever sent an email to a group of people that has been taken in the wrong way? An NLP technique is to clearly state your intention of your communication or actions before you do them to minimise any misinterpretations. This is called setting the frame. Obviously this does not have to be done before any little thing you do but just where relevant.

So that is my little NLP tip for the day! I am loving it! Right I am going to switch off now and allow my mind to rest before I get going with the course again tomorrow.

Have a great week!


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