Breaking habits requires some effort!!

Wow I really am finding this intention a challenge! It’s so clear to me now how most of the time I am going through the motions with things I do in a day with out even thinking about it. I am day dreaming or thinking about what I going to do next rather than what I am doing now. It’s so easy just to buy the same groceries each week, to watch the same TV, read the same magazines, walk the same routes and so on. To do things differently really requires mental effort and creativity!

I have continued to cook different meals this week and make up recipes as I go along, I have really enjoyed this. I have been more present when cooking rather than being just in auto pilot and I have enjoyed tasting new concoctions! My favourite was brown rice cooked  in tomatoes, chicken stock and vegetables with prawns and crunchy bacon added in at the end. I guess it’s a little like paella but I hadn’t made it before anyway! Last year I went on a day meditation retreat where one of the subjects they spoke about was cooking food consciously, they said to be fully present when preparing your food and to feel gratitude and love for the food you have. This is supposed to make the food taste extra delicious and I must say the food I have been making recently, that I just haven’t been in autopilot making, has tasted rather nice.

I did a market research group for cookies this week! So I actually had to do my “research” and buy lots of different biscuits I have never eaten before…..not so good for my waist line but it definitely opens a whole new can of worms with what is on offer in the biscuit aisle. Cadbury’s chunky cookies are sure fire winners! Although I won’t be eating any for a while.

Luckily my big new thing this week was new exercise!!! I usually go to Bikram Yoga in Balham but I decided to try a Hot Yoga in Clapham instead. Oh my goodness me, it is the hardest exercise I have ever done!!! In the middle of a class yesterday I actually came to the conclusion it was harder than running half a marathon. It feels way hotter in there than Bikram and the postures make you sweat more. I also tried the Hot Yoga Flow class which I loved as it was to music and included variations of sun salutations. I have got a 10 day pass and plan to do it every day.

I also tried out doing an exercise video, Tracy Anderson, something which I haven’t done since a teenager! I can see it will be good for you if you do it regularly, but it doesn’t beat yoga for me, I found it quite boring. Good to try though.

Doing a different exercise again has reminded me how when you just do your standard routine again you switch off, your body is not being pushed to its limits. I used to find Bikram hard but now can easily day dream whilst doing it. I am actually aching now from this hot yoga and am already feeling more toned. It’s good to mix you your exercise routine to challenge your body to get results.

My overall thoughts after this week is that even though it can require extra effort to do different things it is fun, it lifts your mood, energises you and it really brings you more into the present moment which is all good!

Some of the things I am going to try this week are:

  • Read a couple of magazines I have not read before
  • Every day listen to music I have not heard before
  • Visit somewhere I have not been before
  • Have my hair done with a new hairdresser

Instead of a photo this week I am going to leave you with a video clip of something you don’t see very often…...a cat and a dolphin playing!!


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