Dream Yoga – Dreaming with Intention

According to Tibetan Buddhism, one minute of knowing that you’re dreaming within a dream and choosing to meditate is worth one month in solo monastic retreat.” Ben Wolff

My official Dream Yoga practice began a few weeks ago after glancing at an email from teacher Ben Wolff that started with the above quote. I didn’t even particularly remember reading the email but something must have sunk in as that night I had a dream I was in an exam about teeth, and I was really bored. All of a sudden in my dream I had the thought, “I’m dreaming! and Ben said we can choose what we can do in our dreams……so I’ll meditate!”

I woke up after feeling peaceful and pretty excited I had changed the course of my dream. So I booked on to the Dream Yoga workshop which was last weekend. During the workshop I had the experience of flying, walking through walls, changing things into other things, becoming an Angel, being Abba singing “Waterloo” and just as I was drifting off into a high state of consciousness I heard Ben say and now we will mediate for a minute. Suddenly I was in the church I grew up going to, meditating at the top of the altar, even though I was lying down my spine became active and as I followed the breathing exercise of inhaling for 6 and exhaling for 6 I could feel energy flowing up and down my spine. It was amazing!

Needless to say I have a new practice……Dream Yoga! I can’t teach this, and if you are interested I recommend going to Ben’s next workshop in June but a few pointers I learnt from him are; The part just before you wake up is the most important part with the message. As soon as you wake the next thing to is journal:

What am I thinking?

What am I feeling?

What is the insight?

What is the action?

What is the observation?

The insight is what we are really wanting to get to from the dream, otherwise we may keep on having similar dreams until we learn the message our body is trying to tell us.

Going to sleep with a clear intention of what you want to learn from your dreams too is helpful and for them to be clear and easy to understand.

I have had many experiences just before I have ran workshops where I have actually ran through the workshop in my dream and insights have come up to help me with preparing for it. I have added things in that I have felt drawn to say after dreaming, which have always ended up being the most powerful bits! Dreams are powerful.

…..and finally Ben’s message is to LOVE IT ALL. What ever comes up, surround yourself in love and love it all.  Love every aspect of your self.

Happy Dreaming

Louise xx



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