Dropping Expectations and Alcohol!

Last week Eva and I set ourselves a challenge, to drop all expectations and plans, just to be in the moment and be spontaneous. This really helped me to relax and settle into being in a new place. I ended up having a gorgeous day running along the sea wall and sitting in the sunshine, trying out Zumba (4 times, am slightly obsessed now!), I have got some PR for my business in the village and I have secured a place to promote my image consultations in a beauty salon event locally. I really didn’t expect to have managed that in my first week down here!

It’s interesting that when you don’t have expectations things seem to just come to you. I was coaching a client yesterday and she was comparing her two goals, one she is just not attached to at all she knows it will happen but how it exactly happens is not important to her. The other she is very attached to it being a certain way. Can you guess which one is 110% on track to achieve and the other is a struggle?

Expectations really do cause upset when they are not fulfilled, our minds create how we think things should be and when they are not we don’t like it! It’s total self sabotage. I have paid attention over the past few days being around friends that it’s also easy to help create expectations for others too. We all have a tendancy to want to be right and to give each other certainty, we will tell those close to us “I am sure you will get the job”, “of course he/she likes you”, “I just know it’s absolutely going to happen for you” and so on.

We are only doing it to be kind and positive for our loved ones but actually it doesn’t really help. We never know what is going to happen next and creating false hope can be damaging. It’s far more helpful to say or think, “maybe it will or maybe it won’t, either way you/I’ll be ok!”.

Maybe is a powerful word, as we don’t often like to say that actually we really don’t know, which is ultimately the truth. We can never know 100% how things are going to turn out.

Last week I also focused on cutting down on sugar and caffeine to help calm my mind. This is something I often do, mainly to help with focus in yoga and my energy levels. However I thought of something new to try at the weekend, cutting out alcohol for a bit. I am just finding at the moment after a few drinks I just feel tired and then the next day is so unproductive it drives me slightly crazy.

I have been loving doing more exercise over the past week and I just think having a break from drinking for a little bit will help towards my month of feeling peaceful. I don’t drink huge amounts or regularly but it still feels like a challenge as I do love to have a glass of wine sometimes. Plus it’s a social thing and people tend to challenge you if you don’t drink with them, which can make it awkward to say no. So I am going to test this and see how I go!

I have to say right now I am actually feeling really peaceful. I really believe I am moving in the right direction and where I am right now is perfect.

…..and I can’t wait for ZUMBA tonight, yay!


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