Eat, Pray, Love… own version!

It’s the end of week 2 of the yoga course and I am still loving it! It’s amazing the changes you start to see from practicing 4 hours a day. I can do things that I couldn’t do last week and due to lots of chest expanding postures I can feel my heart opening even more. This could also be due to the fact I am having a little romance up here in the mountains as well! I literally feel like I am experiencing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love! Ha!

Javaid is from Kashmir and works in the crystal shop that I was drawn to on the first day, in fact that was not just due to the crystals, we seemed to be drawn to each other. I can’t really describe the feeling but it’s like my heart has taken over my head and I just feel slightly out of control. In a good way. 🙂

I have never met anyone who so believes so strongly in the law of attraction and that we create everything that we experience in our lives, through our thoughts and intention. He puts all of his trust in God/ The Universe to help him create what ever he thinks about and wishes for his life. It’s very inspiring to be around.

As always with this journey coincidentally I have just started my last book to read….”The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer! I have had it on my book shelf to read ever since starting this blog and it now seems to be the perfect time to be reading it. Here are a couple of quotes that I love from it already:

Stay tuned vibrationally to the Source of all life that intended you, and everyone else here and all the powers of that field of intention will cooperate with you to bring into your life what you desire”


I refuse to think about what can’t happen, because I’ll attract exactly what I think about, so I only think about what I know will happen”

So often we think about what we don’t want to happen and then that becomes our experience. Instead it’s important to focus on what you want to create in your life and believe when the time is right it will happen for you.

Health wise I am eating lots of delicious fresh vegetables still and enjoying my morning cups of tulsi tea. I feel like I have come out of a cloud and got my energy back, full power! I am getting up at 5am every morning which gives me a couple of hours to  mediate and look through my yoga notes. I love having that quiet time in the morning before the day begins, I sit on my balcony looking out to the mountains watching the sunrise and all the animals and birds busy them selves around. I love it. Surprisingly I am not feeling too tired, I think that the breathing exercises (pranyama) we do every morning and evening help to energize my mind but still keep it peaceful. and centered.

We just started to learn anatomy in relation to yoga yesterday in

Trainee Yogis!

which we will be learning how yoga is a scientific practice that helps body, mind and soul. It helps to ensure full cellular health and that all your anatomy is in it’s correct place. For example you have a slipped disc after a while of practicing yoga you can apparently return it to it’s normal place! There is so much more to it but we have only just began learning.

Next week our schedule starts to get even longer, we are starting to be assessed teaching the yoga classes and continue with the anatomy lectures. Next Sunday I am going to be learning reiki so I will write again after that experience, I can’t wait!

Namaste! x


Chanting Class!


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