Enjoying the Journey of Life

I am writing this a little early this week as I am disconnecting from technology for a week. It’s all part of my preparation for the digital detox holiday I am running in the Caribbean in January.

This week I have got my excitement back, I didn’t realise it had gone but it had been dormant for a while. I’ve been totally energised by planning the detox trip, booking my NLP course in a couple of weeks and thinking about all the things I want to do in India. It really is an exciting time!

Life really is a journey, we go through all waves of emotions and never know what is going to come next. Often we try to control this, we want certainty, we want to know the way things are going to turn out, but this is impossible. One thing I have learnt this year is to enjoy uncertainty, to find curiosity in life’s twists and turns. I know for sure this is where I am growing and learning, which is what I want, life would be incredibly boring if it just stayed the same!

As I found with the intention of kindness, I am loving being giving. Just doing little things for people through out the day just gives you a little lift each time. Helping people touches them but also has an impact on me too. As with any intention you simply notice more opportunities to be that way and also when others are too. There are so many people devoting their lives to causes and helping others, it’s inspiring.

I was chatting to a lady the other day about the economic situation we are all in and she made a comment that has stuck with me. “The poor animals will suffer too”. It’s so true, if people are struggling with money for themselves, what about their pets? It’s just a thought to throw out there and bare in mind if you are thinking of getting a pet to check the rescue places first. Or looking to donate some money then somewhere like Battersea Dogs and Cats home or a local Cat and Kitten rescue I am sure could really do with some extra help at this time.

Finally, I discovered this great chakra exercise this week from Carol Tuttle and wanted to share it with you too as when I tried it out myself I definitely felt the energy whoosh through me! It doesn’t take very long, just sit comfortably and follow Carol’s instructions: Click Here

Right I am off to the beach to watch the sunset.

Have a great weekend!































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