Enjoy the Moment

Wow what a week I have had! Tomorrow I am flying to St Vincent and The Grenadines to run the first ever digital detox holiday there. The past week has been filled with radio interviews discussing how addictive technology has become and the benefits of giving yourself a break every now and then.

I say this as I am typing my blog, slightly ironic! The online world is a wonderful thing, we can easily keep connected with people all over the world and there is just an unlimited amount of information on what ever we are interested in. However being online all the time can make your mind spin, whilst you leap around from site to site. Research shows that half of us can’t ignore a text or email, feeling like we have to respond immediately…..talk about pressure!

One of the main focuses I am bring to our digital detox trip is being in the present moment. ┬áSo often we are busy reporting what we are doing via social media or taking photos to upload we actually miss some of the magic of just being in the moment. I will be taking the group on mediation walks through botanical gardens, where we will just sit and pay attention to everything we see, hear, smell and feel right there and then. We’ll sail through the Caribbean sea and have time to really just appreciate the calm and beauty of it. We are also going to have an art class! As I found at the beginning of this journey, art is a great way to get lost in the moment.

Since last writing I have lit candles each day, where possible. There is just something so calming about just staring at a flame. I actually did some yoga with friends over the weekend in candlelit as well, it was so lovely and relaxing.

There have been a couple of times where I have gone to eat my meal in front of the telly and had to remind myself I said I wouldn’t do that! It’s a great habit just to eat in silence sometimes and appreciate everything you are tasting. So often I just wolf my food down, way to fast!

Right I am “switching off” now! I’ll report next week on my digital detox experience!

If you would like to do your own digital detox click here to download my free guide.

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