On the Eve of My Rebirth……

I am a yoga teacher!!! I am so excited! It feels fantastic to have made it through the course, there were some hard parts, some exhausting parts but over all a lot of fun. Learning the Reiki whilst doing it has also added an extra dimension to it which I’m loving. I can’t wait to get using all this new knowledge and skills when I get home!

All my lovely new friends are slowing departing for their next adventures and very soon I will be going of on my own again for my last month. I just said goodbye to Vicky, who I have been travelling with on and off for nearly my whole trip, it’s not for long though as I am sure I’ll be seeing her back in UK when I am back. It’s been brilliant to have made such a great friend out here.

This weekend I think I will be going further up into the mountains to Manali, then next week I have booked to stay in a Tibetan monastery in the middle of nowhere, the plan is to spend some quiet time meditating and processing all that I have learnt over the past 5 weeks.

Last night I treated myself to a Tibetan dream massage which has relaxed me so much that today has been a bit of a write off! They apply pressure to certain points on your body, give you Reiki and an overall very relaxing massage. I suspect I may be going back there before I leave….

Tomorrow is a big day for me……I am being reborn!!!! Well I am going to have a re-birthing session. I can’t explain too much about it now as I am not really sure what expect but it’s basically a breathing technique that helps you to release any stored negative emotions right back from when you were little, or even before you were born! The technique apparently reminds you how to breath properly again as so often we do not. Asthmatic ‘s especially have this problem as apparently we breathe more into our chests rather than take full breathes. So anyway I just thought I would give it a go and see what happens! I’ll report back next time…. 🙂

The day after my “rebirth” I am going on a day trip (7 hours there and 7 hours back) to Amritsar to see the famous Golden Temple and the India/Pakistan boarder closing ceremony. Should be an adventure!

My intention of intention is going strong. Every moment I am paying attention to my mind and switching any seemingly negative doubts or worries to the positive. What do I want to feel rather than what may or may not happen. I was given a great analogy of intention the other day; when you have a garden you can leave it and it will grow green but full of weeds, how ever if you want roses, tomatoes or sunflowers you need to get weeding and plant some seeds.

Our minds naturally will veer towards doubts, worries, fears, insecurities and so on. For us to create what we want in our lives and connect with the Universal life force energy that constantly works with our thoughts we have to pay attention to what thoughts we put out there.

I have been feeling a bit emotional over the past few days with regards to leaving Javaid, who I have been having a little sweet romance with  here. However I am clear now that I want to leave it expressing to him that I am grateful to have met him, have enjoyed getting to know him and wish him well. There will be no walls going up, no sad good byes, just recognition of a lovely friendship that has developed.

My intention that I set in January for the whole year was LOVE, and I can honestly say that I do feel a lovely feeling of love and connection with all the friends I have made out here, with my parents and friends back home, with all the beautiful nature surrounding me and people who have crossed my path. When you focus on something for long enough it really does become part of what you see and experience in your life every day.

Right I am off to bed and to brave a GIANT spider in my room. In line with my intention I have decided to try something different and instead of feeling scared I have been sending the spider some love. Yesterday I spoke to her and told her she was very pretty ( I don’t think she will hear that very often!), she then proceeded to leave out of the front door. Which was nice until she reappeared last night and now she is currently above my toilet. She is as big as my hands and looks like a tarantula. I am not sure how I will go to the loo this evening but I am hoping she will respect my hospitality enough not to jump on my head……. 🙂

Lots of love xxxx

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