Falling in Love With Art Again!

I have had a week full of shopping trips and sample sales (I am an image consultant!) so have had to constantly keep reminding myself about “being creative”. When I have had some spare time all I have really wanted to do is collapse but I didn’t want to let myself down in the 1st month of this project!!! What I have realised is there is art everywhere though, once it’s in your consciousness to notice it you spot it more.

With the intention of taking photos I have been on the look out for interesting subjects. The photo on the left is a picture at my friend Mark’s house, I LOVE it!! It is exactly the kind of art I would buy. It’s got that graffiti element in it that I love and the use of colour is amazing.


I spotted some new graffiti near my house when I went for a run the other day. It’s on the side of a youth club, which I think it is a great idea!



This is something I did in the week. I am realising that my favourite pictures to draw are either landscapes or just using bright colours. Colour is a big thing for me, what I do for my business is advise people the best colours to wear, my room is full of colour, I only ever wear colour and when I draw things from imagination it’s that way too. I wonder if they cut open my brain turquoise, coral and green would fall out :o)



I went to the National Gallery yesterday, I literally had to force myself out of the house I was so tired, I wasn’t in the mood at all!! However once I got there it was amazing. I used to go there on school trips when I was at college and whilst I liked art I used to get so bored, wanting to rush round and get out as quickly as possible. However this time I just got absolutely lost in the paintings. I loved Claude Lorrain’s seaport pictures, this one I could have stared at for hours. The lighting in the gallery changes, it goes dim and then bright which totally changes the atmosphere of the painting it’s so clever!

In total contrast I loved the Bridget Riley exhibtion, she has painted two displays straight on to the wall. Again it’s the colours she uses that I like.

The absolute highlight though were the rooms with Van Gough, Monet and Renoir in. I even listened to a talk on The Skiff by Renior which was interesting to learn more about the impressionists, I never really paid much attention to the background of art when I was younger!! My favourite painting of all time was there – The Water-Lily Pond by Monet, I always had a picture of it somewhere when I was growing up and I even gave a talk about for my French A Level.

In the basement I discovered a really fantastic exhibition of work done by schools across the country. They were shown a workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio’s Tobias and the Angel and asked to interpret it in anyway they imagined. It really was outstanding the different ideas they came up with, from rein-acting the scene in a video, to writing a journal of Tobia’s journey to depicting what they thought is blind father would have seen. It really is impressive how creative and imaginative they are and makes me feel like they must have some great art teachers behind them! The exhibition is called Take One Picture.

Yesterday was the 3rd Sunday in a row that I have gone in search of art and inspiration. It’s been so lovely to get out of my home and walk around London, there is something different in the atmosphere on a Sunday, it kind of feels like you are on holiday. Visiting art galleries again has been so enjoyable and I am sure it will be something I will keep up long after May.

Here are a few pictures I snapped around the National, unfortunately I was not allowed to take any in there!



















And finally there are some really beautiful roses by my house at the moment, such vivid colours:

I am still collecting love stories for my book and have been writing them up into short stories. I am not sure this project will be completed by next week but I will share a few of the tales with you next time, they have been very inspiring and cemented my belief that you really can meet someone anywhere and usually when you very least expect it!!

Next week is my last week of “being creative”, I think I am going to miss it! However it’s definitely awakened something in me again so I am sure I will carry it on through out the rest of the project.

Have a great week!


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