Finding Peace Within Fear and Creating Fun!

toby plus nativity scene etc 011I heard something last week that really resonated with me “Empowerment is allowing someone to shine their light, not to do it for them, not to say what to do but to allow them to be themselves.” I’m afraid I can’t remember who said it but it stuck with me.

My week of “allowing” was lovely, relaxing, fun and in that state actually very productive but with out any force. I even got to work on the beach for a few hours in the sunshine, it was bliss feeling the sun on my face and hearing the sea quietly lapping at the shore.

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving many messages around fear vs love, since experiencing what now call “my week of fear” back in January. It was a horrible week and all consuming, how ever what has come out of it is beautiful. I think fear gives you an opportunity to clear and to heal something, a chance to grow and to learn.

Finding peace and your connection to Universal unconditional love within the fear is the key. We all feel fear, it’s a completely normal emotion that we all experience but yet I think sometimes we can feel very alone in it. It can seem like everyone else is perfectly OK, when actually most of us are afraid of something.

Having that courage to share your fears with someone you feel safe with, someone who sees how amazing you truly are, helps. Allow support, love and encouragement into your life, it’s all there if we are open to receive it. Never feel ashamed of your fear, it’s a sign that you are stepping out of your comfort zone, demonstrating belief in your dreams and really living your life to the full.

A question that has come up for me since a coaching session I had last week is;

“What would make it fun?”

I am so action orientated, writing out my to do lists and enjoying as I tick them off before the deadline. Sometimes I can catch myself not paying attention to the actual experience of the action and making it as enjoyable as possible. For me that also means bringing creativity into everything I do.

So my intention this week is for everything I do to ask myself “what would make it more  fun?”.

A week of fun……now I like that idea 🙂

Is there something you are afraid of that you have been putting off, what could you do to bring some fun into it instead?




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