In Rod Stryker’s book “The Four Desires” he shares that in the Sacred texts the Veda’s they explain that there are 2 aspects to our soul; the highest part that is connected to everything, to God, infinite and the personal part that has a desire to express it’s unique purpose in this life.

From all my meditation and listening to Satsangs with Mooji recently I am feeling a peace within more than ever. A spaciousness free from urgency or worry, just a sense of trust and flow. As we transition into Autumn though I am feeling drawn to getting focused on my purpose, which involves my goals over the next 12 months. So this explanation from the Veda’s about the 2 parts of our soul is really resonating with me right now.

In November I am taking my Yin advanced training with Norman Blair, which I need to do study for beforehand, I am leading my first Yin teacher training myself in March and then next November I will be running my 10 day India retreat which I want to make really valuable for everyone who comes. All very exciting stuff! So now some focus is required, some streamlining of what I am spending my energy and time on.

What I have learnt though over the summer is meditation first is key, to steady the mind, to be from a place of peace and trust and to be able to calmly focus on one thing at a time.

You see what happens to me is I get over excited, I want to do everything in one go and then I start to jump around from one thing to the next. It’s even worse if I have had a cup of tea!!! To help with my focus I have cut caffeine out now.

What I will be spending my time doing around this Autumn Equinox (a perfect time for intention setting) is writing a clear specific goal around running the Yin training next year. I will write it in the future, from the viewpoint of after I have run it, how it went and how I feel.  I will then break it down into monthly chunks of all I need to do from now until March. For example Norman’s course, I will make a list of all the books I need to read and the essay I need to write and create a plan of when I am going to fit this into my weeks running up to it.  Breaking it down into manageable chunks like this and actually writing them into my diary really helps me to focus.

When there is stuff to get done, changes to make, things to create, I really find this helps. What I find most important though it so have an intention around it all. That is an intention of how I am being around this, in everything I do. For me right now “I am peaceful and focused” resonates with me.

I love the affirmation on the Soul Coaching Card (by Denise Linn) above for Focus “All of my thoughts are directed towards my highest good”. Just perfect.

One thing I am also going to factor in to my planning is that Winter is a time for hibernation, drawing in and processing. So I will take care of my diary to make sure I have lots of time indoors for reading all the books that inspire me, which I need to do for what is ahead anyway. Plus of course my Yin practice, which is perfect for winter.

I invite you to use the energies of the change in season to take time to evaluate your year so far;

  • What is there to be grateful for?
  • What can you acknowledge with in yourself?
  • What does your soul wish for you right now and in the months to come?
  • What intention would serve you to support you with this?



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