Easter time makes me think about forgiveness, after all that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

Over the years I have experienced the freedom of forgiving others. That it’s never really about them, it’s not condoning what they have done, it’s more about freeing myself up from the angst of being angry at someone else.

It’s having the compassion to know that sometimes people are not in a healthy state of mind and they do things to hurt others, like we all do sometimes. That doesn’t make it ok but it’s acknowledging our human imperfections.

It’s saying I am not going to close my heart just because what you have done.

I’m not going to put barriers up and let my future be affected just because of you.

I am willing to forgive so that I can move on from this.

One aspect of forgiveness that has been bought to my attention recently though is forgiving myself. Some how I have found it easier to forgive others but when I have done something that’s ended up causing myself pain I’ve beat up on my self. My self talk was like “I should have known better!”, “why did I not see that coming?!” , “how could I let that person into my life?” and so on.

We all know how damaging our self talk can be don’t we?

So I am suggesting an Easter intention of forgiveness. A helpful exercise to do is to write down all the things you are cross with yourself about and run through them, saying “I forgive you” for each one. Doing it in the mirror will be even more powerful!

Perhaps there is someone in your life that you are still holding some kind of grudge towards. For your peace of mind, your future and your blessed heart, practice forgiveness this Easter and see what happens.



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